Details versus Plans

Details vs Plans

My dictionary defines “plan” as follows:

noun 1.

a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

Just what is Obama’s plan for the next four years. I haven’t heard a word in this campaign about his 2008 plan of hope, change, and transformation. Does that mean his plan is different? Does it mean he has no plan? Does it mean his plan is kept secret because if we knew what it was we’d dump him in a new York minute?During the debate on the economy and during his campaign speeches he continually refers to the fact that Romney has not given any details about how Romney will accomplish his 5 point plan. I heard Romney give details for each point yet, Obama runs around the country trying to fire up voters by claiming Romney does not give any details. Why should he? It is obvious to even the most illiterate political being on earth like me that if Romney began offering finite details, the Obama campaign will work overtime to pick them apart to show us why the details won’t work just like all the other tired old ideas that don’t work. It doesn’t take rocket science to balance a budget. Yes it is a tired old idea, but Progressives don’t seem to understand that some ideas fall into the category of truths. Conservative ideas are truths.

Sometime before the 2008 campaign I watched an interview with President Bill Clinton. He made a statement like this, during the campaign you tell the electorate what ever they want to hear, then after the election you do what ever you want to do. Ever since I heard that remark I distrust all politicians and all candidates. They had better show evidence of their intention and support it with character.

My belief is that Obama has some very scary plans for another four years. Some people are predicting that if he wins it may be the last election America sees. I have friends who are scared to death that he will pull a Cesar Chavez and railroad an amendment to the Constitution to eliminate term limits. Then there is the possibility of announcing a Directive 10-289.  Another is to abdicate USA Sovereignty to the United Nations. The end of scary scenarios is limitless.  I get nervous writing about it.

So, President Obama where is your plan?

Details vs Plans

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  1. Yes, I have heard rumors like this too. Rumors of how he may just try to erase all american debt, which would completely ruin the dollar and other horrifying thoughts. I’m just starting the book ‘The Manchurian President”…I wish I would have read it when it came out 2 years ago. If Romney wins, which I believe he can and pray he will, it is just the beginning of a long road because we have a divided nation and we have gone down a wayward path for a long time….My spirit is heavy but I have to trust in God and stand for truth and know that He holds all things in His hands. I’m thankful for my faith always but especially in times like these!
    p.s. I appreciate your blog Grumpa. It has given me courage to start blogging more about my strong political beliefs and current events as well. Thanks 🙂

  2. So true…….it comes down to fundamentals and Obama actually scares me! Lets hope the plan isn’t set in motion so deep that even with Romney in office it goes forward . . . afterall it can’t just be Obama himself, he is just a puppet.

    • Evie:
      I agree with you that Obama is just a puppet. You may be right about the timing of many things he has done without our knowledge. Thanks for the comment.

    • I can’t decide if he is a puppet or our version of an Adolf Hitler type who didn’t make the mistake of a Beerhall Putsch before figuring out how to take over a Democracy (granted, not as intrenched as ours) and turn it into something else by going around the Constitution. While Hitler turned Germany into a National Socialist State, we are turning into a Socialist State. Sometimes I wonder what we are becoming with all of our Czars! Evie, I share your fears about whether this nation can be turned from it’s present course.

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