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An increase in energy level from E 1 to E 2 re...

An increase in energy level from E 1 to E 2 resulting from absorption of a photon represented by the red squiggly arrow, and whose energy = h (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Low energy is one of the symptoms of low-T. My T must be very low because my energy level is near zero. Sometimes, when I get this way I take a walk to get the blood moving. Three miles is what I stepped off this afternoon, but it drained me further. I’ll rehydrate to see if that works. Even typing drains me. I came across a new word in an e-mail from a friend. It says it all.

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  1. I find that about two fingers of a high quality whiskey helps with this condition!

    • What do you consider to be high quality?

      • depends on the direction of the two fingers when the whiskey is being measured. if the fingers are vertical the whiskey will become high quality.

        • Lately, the vertical measure is to my liking.

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