Let No Hurdle Obstruct the Path

A good friend called me recently and said how amazing it is that Obama is knocking down all the barriers set up by the Founders to protect the country. She pictured a cartoon in which Obama begins as a normal citizen (we take that loosely) and destroys the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law on his way toward assuming a throne in the White House as King of the USA.

She is not far from wrong, because he has worked successfully to knock down barriers. He certainly ignores the Rule of Law and openly dictates to his Bureaucrats about how to treat illegal immigrants, how to deal with Arizona Law Enforcement, New Black Panthers intimidating voters, abortion, voter ID, and more. He commissioned Hillary to work the UN to end run gun control to take away our Second Amendment Rights. He has ignored Freedom of Religion under the First Amendment within the Health Care Act. He has openly declared that if Congress cannot give him the laws he wants he will find a way to do it administratively via Executive Privilege .

No one can deny that he has divided the country by waging class warfare, and has neutered the USA in speeches saying that our exceptionalism is no different from the exceptionalism of an Egyptian or a Saudi. His attack on Capitalism is relentless. He regards Capitalism as a broken down old system that does not work. He does so while denying that the world is a better place because of Capitalism. One modern example is within Communist China’s short embrace of capitalism  over four hundred million Chinese avoided starvation and have reached a decent standard of living. China’s success with capitalism came from a huge redistribution of wealth from the Western World. We sent them our entire manufacturing economy.  Obama’s change toward Socialism is of course an older idea, proven to be a disaster by many countries. Socialism failed in spite of murdering over sixty million dissenters who stood in the way of trying to make it work. Obama’s problem is that he does not read history. He is too young to know first hand that Socialism existed and hated by those who lived it. So, in his mind Socialism is new.

Obama is hell-bent on obtaining a socialist agenda in the USA during his presidency. What is scarier is that he is setting up to neutralize the Congress with his end run Executive Orders. He is changing the Supreme Court by nominating über liberal judges like Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. In a second term he will probably replace a few more judges.

The result is that the hurdler is not running according to the rules. He kicks the hurdles down instead of leaping over them and changes the rules to make that acceptable. He has achieved a tremendous amount of success in making the transformation. As a side note, he attacks his opponent by arguing that Romney does not offer any detail on how he will bring back the economy. Yet, during the 2008 campaign, the only detail we heard from Obama was two words, hope, and change. Not once in his campaign did I ever hear him give any detail on what he wants to “transform the greatest country in the world” into. How could anyone buy that line? The logic escapes me. Change the greatest country in the world, doesn’t the “greatest” title imply change is not necessary?

Let No Hurdle Obstruct the Path

We cannot, we must not, allow this man another four years to succeed at his agenda. If we do, it will be you and I who suffer the consequences. King Obama will continue to have his meals served while the Secret Service chauffeurs him in armored cars, and flies him to vacations in Air Force One. We, on the other hand, will be fighting each other for a piece of bread, or a gallon of gas.

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  1. I always wonder where our press is when it comes to Obama…
    no journalist has even approached , well I take that back, some have tried and their words disappear in thin air,
    I wonder how the movie 2016 will fare in the ratings, probably to much truth…
    this is a good post as always, I watched another video…
    I know people will say Obama is being misinterpreted again
    but how does so many not hear what he is saying?
    sad….a nation of sheep to baaa at him when he needs stroking…
    wasn’t sure if you saw this one..I am surprised its still up, but then no one listens

    Have a good day

    • The main stream press is a part of his campaign.

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