Is Objective Journalism on the Return?

Tossed Under the Bus

When I saw the Newsweek issue publishing the reasons why Obama should not get re-elected, I thought this a deliberate ploy by the Libs. It is a smokescreen designed to deflect the general population away from a plot by President 0  to take away another liberty. What other reason could there be for this liberal magazine to expose Obama’s failures? Throughout his campaign in 2008 and his tenure as president, Newsweek has consistently supported the President.

Newsweek has planted on President 0’s derriere, I refused to believe that they have turned against him. By the end of the first page, I began to think maybe Newsweek is being honest for once. Author Ferguson raised several unkept campaign promises that are on my list to write about. He is absolutely right. I have not seen a single plan nor even a mention to the upgrade of the national electrical grid. When Eisenhower proposed the Interstate Highway system he made a detailed proposal that made sense. Afterward, he took the plan to Congress, and worked them into making it happen. So where are Obama’s plans for the grid, the countrywide internet, the list of bridges and roads to fix? Instead I have read book after book exposing him and his plan to take money from the USA through the Cap and Trade system to re-distribute to lesser countries. He uses the policy of a billion-dollar left leaning think tank like the Center for American Progress (CAP) led by John Podesta as his game plan.

Not only has he failed to deliver on his campaign promises, President 0 has been dishonest with the American people by leading them down a path toward communism. Look at the headlines today by one former union organizer Mike Golash. Here is an excerpt from the article,

“Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash, now an “Occupy” movement organizer, was caught on tape Sunday revealing his political goals: overthrowing capitalism in the United States and instituting a communist government.”

I continued to read the article to the end. It is well written piece of journalism intended to expose Obama’s failures. No doubt, it took a lot of courage for  Niall Ferguson to write this piece, and I applaud Newsweek for finally returning to objective journalism.

So far, I have only read one rebuttal to the article. It comes from one Paul Krugman who still believes Obama should have spent two trillion dollars on stimulus. Krugman’s article from the Huffington Post is in the list below. It is a joke, just like his Pulitzer Prize.

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  1. Just read the Newsweek article…thanks for posting the link! Wow, we’ve gotta get Obama out of office…this article just confirms what I already feel about “O”…that he’s a lousy president and is fighting against us, not for us, in SO many ways.

  2. Grumpa, when will people realize that BHO has issued over 950 evecutive orders and none have been contested by our ( no gonads ) Congress. All BHO has to do is declare a national emergency and he can take over the entire country. That includes, food, energy, electric, internet, etc. would also include MARTIAL LAW. All of these EO”s are in place and it could happen tomorrow. Will the MSM report this abuse of POWER so the majority of ” We the PEOPLE ” can make an informed decision this NOVEMBER ? Chuck

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