Is Mandatory Sterilization Next?

The only valid reason for contraception.

The change in the not yet effective health care boondoggle is another affront on the Constitution by Obama. No president changes a law without Congress. Obama has announced a major shift in how major medical institutions must pay for contraceptives for the masses.

His second affront is how he uses the Constitution to wipe his ass. This time he violates religious freedom. Religious freedom is one of the foundational building blocks upon of our country, and it is why the USA is exceptional. Try promoting that idea in any of Obama’s favorite muslim countries and see what you come up with.

Obama is just what the picture conveys, a pure and simple dick head.

For all you politically correct people who read this, I apologize that the President of the United States is a dick head. It is the best we could do in the last election. He spent a billion dollars to get elected so he could pillage the USA and spread wealth to his friends.

If I sound like I do not like Obama it is because I don’t. He is evil, corrupt, ruthless, and he smiles as he sticks the knife into our backs.

To my Catholic friends who voted for Obama because Jesus wants you to take care of the poor, WAKE UP, you made a pact with the devil.

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  1. Grumpa, it seems to me that the CONSTITUTION of WE THE PEOPLE has become a piece of paper worth no more than a FIAT FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. As long as the LIBERAL MASS MEDIA continues to back an illegal PRESIDENT, the majority of Americans will remain like an ostrich with its head in the sand. The right to bear arms was put in the constitution so WE THE PEOPLE could defend themselves against an EVIL and CORRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. LOCK AND LOAD. Chuck

    • Thanks for reminding me to apply for a FOID card. I am a future armed person who will defend his liberty.

  2. I have no problem with the sterilization of all progressives!

    • I am afraid that sterilization will not do the trick without further elimination of mental activity. Thanks for stopping by.

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