Political Grace Before Dinner

The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and I made it without a mental breakdown. Grandma Peggy and I entertained the kids and the components of their families that could make it. The highlight of my day was saying Grace.

I went off the deep end and veered into the political arena, but recovered quickly. I thanked God for the current President who is  teaching us how fragile our liberty is. We have lost liberties throughout his tenure. One of the worst is the government take-over and ultimate ownership of two car companies, and some banks too. How about the President firing the CEO of a major car company? The entire Board of Directors at GM lost their rights on that one. The Constitution does not cover that detail anywhere, not even between the lines. I recently re-financed my mortgage and had to sign several documents pertaining to the Department of Homeland Security. A pure waste of paper, and probably the time of several bureaucrats hired to review the document; for what?  I’m sure I could put together a pretty good conspiracy, and pull it off before anyone at Homeland Security can detect a problem by the review of those documents.

Anyway, after my political Grace, I got down to thanking God for the food on our table and editorialized the fact of how lucky we were to have food at all because I had personally delivered food to a family in need just a few days earlier. They were desperate and very grateful to have that which I delivered. Finally, I got to:

Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen

The food on our table:

Turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, lasagna, tossed salad, cucumber salad, a relish tray, wine, and desert too: Cherry pie, apple pie, brownies, cinnamon cookies, a giant chocolate chip cookie, ice cream cake, and more.

No, we didn’t have cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie.

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  1. Hi I have been blogging for well over a year now, and much to my chagrin my husband just discovered what the commentless comments are in my unanswered comment box! I am sorry I did not acknowledge your link to my post in a timely fashion. I was clueless. I am glad you found the post helpful and I hope some of your readers did as well. I enjoyed reading over parts of your blog. You have some good insights. I especially liked the political quotes post. With all the debates this time, I would love to ask the candidates the question, if they got elected how would they get congress to cooperate with the them and each other.

    • Most of us are clueless when we begin blogging. It starts slowly and builds to a crescendo. I am glad you enjoyed some of my blog. I try to cover many topics so readers won’t get bored. Thanks for the comment, and keep on writing.

  2. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

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    • Thanks for the compliment. I love to write provided I have complete control over the subject matter. Lately, my writing has been evolving into blogging.

  3. Grumpa, we had all the above plus, Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Custard Cake and Triple Layer Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. NO PUMPKIN PIE. I also said Grace and did ask that this country will remain ONE NATION under GOD.

    • That Sugar Spice Pumpkin Custard Cake sounds like a keeper to me. This country must be in our blood Chuck.

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