I Love Donald Trump, Faux Conservative

I never thought I would say this, “I love Donald Trump.”  He is one of a handful of people who are not afraid of Obama. In his current run for President he is using all the buzz words and phrases that turn conservatives on. He is kidnapping the Tea Party vote. If the poles are any indication, he is succeeding.
I am a Tea Party person, and I love his tactic to expose Obama. He is delivering a message that the rest of us have voiced without any  attention from the media. Trump doesn’t seem to care. He forges forward with the birther controversy, you get into a war to win it, believes China is a thieving trade partner, Iraq takes advantage of our blood without any gift of spoils (oil), the debt is unsustainable, and suddenly he sounds pro-life, what else?  Best of all, he voices the opinion that Obama is ruining our country and taking it away from “We the people,” and he is the one to get it back.

Every tactic Trump uses takes it to Obama. His attacks are all arguments of  the Tea Party. We believe we they are correct, so why would we not love Donald Trump? He has awakened the country by voicing his opinions and by attacking Obama.  His current vocal opinions are all mine too.

Where I veer away from Donald Trump is in his background. He hasn’t got a conservative bone in his body. He supports far left politicians like Rangel, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, and more. I, as a conservative would not support those candidates for any amount of favor or influence. Donald is a business man. Most likely, his support for them is greasing the wheels of a business transaction, or does he really share their philosophy?  Either way, he is ethically wrong. If he is greasing wheels he is influencing political leaders for favors. If he supports the same political philosophy, he deceives us with Faux Conservatism.

Donald Trump sounds good in the news, but his character is on the same level as that of Obama; say what we want to hear, then take an opposite action.

If Trump is the patriot he claims, and truly wants to save the country as he proclaims, he will not split the vote and guarantee Obama a second term. Or is a second term what he really wants to effect?

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  2. Trump can say anything he wants to, because he is not dependent on receiving money from “WE the PEOPLE in order to survive. The Obama’s reported income for the year 2010, was $1.700,000.00. How can you fly all over the world spending money that was borrowed from the FEDERAL RESERVE and have “WE the PEOPLE” pay the interest, be the leader of the USA and still report that amount of income on the salary of the PRESIDENT? No wonder Trump wants the job.

  3. By the way, if he does run and win, we could use a businessman in the White House who understands what it takes to get the economy rolling again.

    John Wilder

  4. Trump is about one thing, promoting Trump. He is doing us a favor by picking up the Tea Party line and weakening Obama’s stronghold on the liberal vote.

    Donald is doing what our conservative guys should be doing and taking the fight to Obama. Of course Obama is ignoring him, but that is at his peril.

    It makes it harder for the press to smother the birther story now that Trump is promoting it and digging.

    I predict that he won’t run.

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    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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