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Today, I learned of another shovel ready project aimed at putting people back to work. The problem is the people who are getting the jobs all live in middle eastern countries. What are the projects? Follow this link to watch the short video explaining the program.  Our State Department is spending borrowed money to rebuild mosques, and to provide them with interent service

I understand the point, Obama truly believes that by helping rebuild thousand-year old mosques that the Muslim nations will love us. If they are truly a religion of love as they claim Obama is right. They are conflicted, however, with the belief they must convert the world to Isalm. Love conflicts with “Slay the Infidel,” but they don’t see that.

POTUS believes the muslims will put up a plaque in each mosque that reads:

“Thank You People of America For Sending us Your Love, Hope and Change.”

Grumpa Joe believes the plaque will read the following:

“Death to the Oil Sucking Infidels of America.”

Is it just me, or is there a conflict here?  Our government is working overtime to remove God from every aspect of our country. Simultaneously, the same government is sending 750 million borrowed dollars to help muslims continue to practice their belief in God. If ever there was an easy to understand example of hypocrisy this one takes the prize.

POTUS tells his Attorney General to ignore enforcement of the law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, cities are taxing Church parking lot usage, he declares we are not a Christian nation when clearly the Founders based the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights on the premise that the rights of man defined within them are endowed by their Creator.

Write, call , or e-mail your Senator and Congressman and demand that the law allowing money to rebuild mosques be repealed or defunded immediately, and  tell them to pass a law stating that church and state are not separated and they never were.

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  1. Did you read or hear about his interview with the NYT admitting that there were no shovel ready projects, that it was all a lie to get his way? Obama must be a one term president, we can’t survive a second term.

    John Wilder

    • John; I am an engineer. The instant Obama uttered the words “shovel ready,” I knew he was talking over his head. Real infra-structure projects take months-years of planning. There were no such projects begun in the Bush era, and no Democrat gov’m’nt is capable of making it happen fast. FDR’s projects took years to plan and execute. History has shown us that even those projects had no effect on reducing unemployment. I have to agree, however, that I enjoy the features in the National Parks that came from that spending. I saw none of those kind of projects coming during this spending spree. I did see signs go up at road projects that were already a year in progress.

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