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I just finished reading Sarah Palin‘s book “America by Heart.”  She really lets her feelings hang out in this narrative. The intent of the book is to give the reader an understanding of her depth of knowledge of history, and the world. She didn’t need to convince me because all of  her values are in line with mine. I like to think that I represent a fairly large contingent of people in the USA.

I was impressed by Sarah’s list of references, and her knowledge of American history. She is a better read person than given credit by Katie Couric. In fact, I would predict that Sarah is a better read than Couric.

Palin’s conservative values, love of family, and love of God hang on her sleeve in this writing. Everyone who is a Palin-hater should open their minds to read America by Heart. Those of you who are Sarah supporters should also read the book to better understand what makes her tick. unfortunately, most people will get their insight from tabloid news and jerks like Chris Matthews, Bill Mahr, and Keith Olbermann. All three of them were born with a defective lobe. What we don’t understand is that Sarah Palin is you and me, and the liberals hate you and me too.

It is my opinion, the liberal element knows full well and understands her to be the Anti-Progressive who can kill their movement. As far as women who hate her, that is a little harder to understand. Again, my opinion; women hate her because she represents what men see in a woman. She is beautiful, loves family, loves God, is not afraid to raise kids, loves the outdoor life, and can still become Mayor, Governor, and even President while juggling babies and making cookies. She can do all of it without the likes of the Woman’s Liberation Movement. No modern woman wants her daughter to take on Sarah Palin as a role model for fear of losing the daughter’s respect as a mother.

I am not ready to support Sarah Palin as president for several reasons; first she isn’t running yet, second there will be a huge number of very qualified candidates to sort through when the time comes. While we are waiting for the field to show up, begin reading America by Heart.

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  1. Chris as an Italian you are speaking with feelings rather than logic. Sara Palin has character and integrity unlike Obama. Obama has broken so many promises. I will tell of of just one promise that I supported him on, broadcasting health care negotiations on C Span. It would not have cost him anything and would have lent credibility to him. There are over 18 promises made on the campaign trail that he has broken. We threw out George Bush Sr for breaking just one promise, (read my lips, no new taxes) He is considered a joke in the world, like his very unstatesmanlike gifts to our closest friend country England.

    He mispronounced corpsman as corpse man instead of the proper pronunciation as coreman in an address to Navy corpsmen.

    He stated in his campaign that he intended to campaign in all 57 states. Even you have to realize that there are only 50 states in our country. The man is a huge joke. I have not seen Sara making similar gaffes in her appearances.

    Obama will be on a one term president like the buffoon Jimmy Carter

    John Wilder

  2. Obama, in order to keep gaining credibility with the world after 8 years of shameful administration…you don’t have to be a genius to realize this, do you?

    • You claim not to be a socialist, but you support a man who is living his father’s dream of socialism. Obama is destroying the credibility of the United States worldwide. His image of this country is one of an evil empire that he must constantly apologize for. He has not shown us anything but weakness when he is in the presence of world leaders. How can he be establishing credibility?

  3. Sorry…”the way Russians manage their business has nothing to do with the way Alaskans manage theirs”

    • So we will continue to disagree. Who do you think we should elect as our next president?

  4. With all due respect Alaska is not Russia. The way Russian manage their business has nothing to do with the way Alaskan manage. Are you serious about Sarah? I just can’t believe it. I have no bias….my only bias is “not having bias”.

  5. chris 73, you have bought the liberal bias hook line and sinker. If you read her first book, she is tough as nails negotiator and brought honesty and integrity to big oil payoffs by forcing the oil companies to bid on oir rights and she turned down on bribes under the table.

    This woman is anything but a twinkie.

    John Wilder

  6. I don’t think she has the capability to deal with politicians such as Putin or with some other middle Eastern expert figures. Just try to imagine a summit between Mr. Putin and Mrs Palin…it just makes me laugh.

    • Perhaps Putin would melt under her spell. Palin has a proven record of dealing with tough Alaska politicians and even tougher oil company executives. She doesn’t back down easily.

  7. I’m not a Socialist,I’m a European guy who lives in the 21st century. People like S.P. should never be allowed to run as a candidate in a country with common sense. I think that something like this would be more understandable in a fucked up country like Italy than in the US.
    P.S. I’m Italian.

    • For what reasons do you believe she should not be allowed to run for office?

  8. It’s all crap! Sarah is 100 years behind.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment. I defend your right to say what you believe, and I hope you give me the same right. I believe you are living in the twelfth century, and must make a huge leap into the twenty-first century to understand what is going on.
      Sarah speaks her beliefs in the book. It is not crap it is genuine conservatism. Translation: Socialism (aka government control of your body, and brain) will never prevail where free men are are allowed to think for themselves.

  9. The Lady has stood tall while being lambasted by the liberal socialist media. She has character that is missing from a majority of those who have no idea what love of Family, Country, and God really are. I have not read her book, but will now.

  10. I could not agree with you more. I have not read her new book, but was quite impressed with her fist book. She is an impressive lady and McCain let her out to dry when his operatives did a hatchet job on her.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • Try reading some of the links. The reviews by these people are hilarious. I wonder how many lobes they are missing?

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