A Very, Very, Very Sad Song

Play gypsy play! What a sad song you send us from your melancholy strings. A good fifteen percent of the work force is out of work, but our president has the guts to send his family to Spain on a junket. Who is paying for that? I really feel for his finances. He really made me feel like he can relate to the plight of the general population with his tear jerking story of maxed out credit cards, and the struggle to feed a 401K. That has changed dramatically hasn’t it?

Keep paying those taxes America, the liberals aren’t finished spending your money.

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  1. […] of why I haven’t posted or cartooned very much in September. One of my cartoons is titled “A Very, Very, Very, Sad Song.”  The gypsy is playing the violin for me […]

  2. Consider the source. No raise for the elderly. but Congress raised the salaries of the government. Government blast Big Business and then turns around and slaps “WE the People” in the face. ” Never have so many, known so little, about so much”.
    When will Americans WAKE UP?

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