How Much Am I Bid?

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

How much money would you be willing to take for your right hand? If someone made an offer to buy your right hand, how much would you ask? Would you sell it?  Would you bid the number up to several million dollars, and think about selling? How about your heart? You probably wouldn’t sell your heart since you only have one, but we do have many doubles in our bodies, and we could stand to do without one of them. Hands, eyes, ears, feet, knees, hips, kidneys, lungs, all exist in duals.  I have heard that it is common to sell a kidney for fifteen thousand dollars. Would you?  Would you give up an eye, or your hearing  for money? Probably not, unless your life circumstances were so desperate as to make you sell.

I personally, would not sell an eye for all the money in China. I love to see. Currently, I’m losing my hearing and I don’t like it one bit. Most of us think the same way about our body parts. So why is it that we are reluctant to pay for the care and maintenance of that precious resource called the human body?  We seek work at companies that have insurance plans, we balk at paying premiums, and co-pays. We want the maintenance of  the most complicated biological system in the universe, our body, to be free.  If you don’t believe it is complex, try taking over the function for some organ that has stopped working.  Try controlling your blood sugar. Worse yet, see what happens if your kidneys stop functioning and you have to filter waste from your blood  via dialysis. You get the drift, the body is a precious biological  machine. In spite of that, we smoke, drink, take mind altering drugs, text while driving,  eat fatty foods, and lead  sedentary lives. We gamble that “the system” will cure us, but we don’t take financial responsibility for health maintenance and repair.    

The current national argument centers around free health care for everyone.  The government proposes to take over control of our body maintenance.  If we let them do that, will we also let them take over the ownership of our body parts as well?  Isn’ that slavery?  I envision a system that traffics in body parts.  Picture this: a huge white government clinic with healthy people waiting to get in at the front. One by one they come out the back missing a body part. On the east side, I see people coming in with various infirmaties. They leave the west side with new life.  No folks, I’m not on anything but my morning coffee. Quite a science fiction scenario isn’t it?

Is this the ‘change’ we voted for?

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