Grimoba Comes to Visit

Grimoba Conducts a Mandatory Health Care ConsultI don’t think POTUS has any experience with folks in a nursing home. I sure wouldn’t want to be the agent whose job it is to conduct the mandatory health care consult. It is my guess  the old people will be glad to advise the consultant with a few choice options for his future, and where to go next.

Are we approaching a new and better version of Soylent Green?

My wife Peggy is worried about her future. Four years ago, she had the misfortune of coding within minutes  after taking a new blood pressure medication. She was clinically dead; kept alive by life support machines. A great emergency room staff saved her. It is her concern that if she were to code again under Obama Care, she would not be resuscitated. She has a point.

Who will make that call? If a bureaucrat had made the decision for Peggy, she would not have enjoyed  four additional years of  good living.

Obama Care is the new Soylent Green.

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  1. America, the greatest counyry with the greatest health-
    care on the planet. Why turn it into what the rest of the world has?

  2. Everyone knows that anything the government touches turns into a mess and ends up in such corruption it cost us taxpayers untold Billions of wasted dollars. Why would anyone want the government so involved in our everyday lives. Don’t think it will stop there either, they want total control of our lives and if we don’t fight now, they will get it!

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