They Just Don’t Get It.(Edited)

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Well I spoiled the day early by watching a video of my beloved ass kissing Senator Dickie Durbin blow acrid fumes out of his communication port.  Now, I will have to work overtime to restore my usual positive smiling grumpy self.

Durbin is warning his Senatorial colleagues not to allow themselves to be drawn into a sucker punch by the protesters at the town hall meetings. He claims the meetings  are loaded with insurance industry agitators. He just showed how out of touch with the constituency this guy and his colleagues are. I have been to three Tea Party Day events, and I can swear that the only people attending are genuine working  folks who are pissed off by the jerks we employ to represent us. Our representatives don’t listen, they spend our money like it is their mandate, and they think we have an unlimited well from which we draw our cash.  The Tea Party people also believe very strongly in a document called the “Constitution.”

 In the meantime, our representatives work their one hundred and fifty days, and complain about working overtime. They vote themselves raises when the rest of us are taking pay cuts to survive. They give themselves a gold plated pension and health care plan for life.  The audacity of their arrogance to  get upset because we balk at their snake oil rhetoric  on the need for rationing health care, or their  advice on end of life decisions. Excuse me, but I already have all of my health care mandates and powers of attorney designated. I didn’t need a trillion dollar plan to make me do it.

Another former senator has called the protestors at the town hall meeting an unruly angry mob; an embarrassment to the United States.  Again, they fail to see the relevancy of what they are witnessing. Yes, we are an angry bunch, but why? Who is the real embarrassment to the country? Not the people who populate it, rather the ivory tower bunch who are  destroying  it.

Here is a simple solution to the health care problem as proposed by some doctors in Joliet.

Most people who are employed, and have health care insurance from the private sector have a lifetime limit of one million dollars in benefits. The USA has forty seven million people without health insurance. Let the government go to the private sector, and buy these uninsured a policy with a million dollar limit like the rest of us have.

A simple idea like that would stimulate the economy through the insurance companies. It evens everyone by giving them health insurance.  Why won’t it work? It won’t work because of the following reasons:

1. There is no money in it for our representatives to graft

2. There is no opportunity by the representatives to control our liberty, instead it gives us freedom.

3. It is too simple an idea for the complex liberal mind to comprehend.

4. The government could not grow with megalithic proportions.

5. What would we do with all the surplus taxes coming in? (Suggestion, pay off the deficit)

6. Our socialist leaders could not buy the votes they need to get into office.

7. A simple solution, such as proposed, would eliminate the army of legislative lawyers who write thousand page bills that take an army of lawyers to read and interpret.

8. A simple solution would be the  real change we could believe in.

9. A solution proposed by doctors is not acceptable. They can’t be smarter than our mind clogged representatives.

10. Big Brother would have to brainwash another generation before they lead us into a dictatorship.

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  1. Grumpa Joe:

    Two notable events worthy of your research and, if you are interested, your comments or promotion on this website:
    (1) We are organizing a whirlwind bus trip to Washington, D.C. on Fri., Sept. 11 – Sat., Sept. 12 for the sole purpose of representing Joliet & Will County at the National Tea Party. For more information, go to This will be the event where the 912 petitions will be served to the 3 branches of our government.
    (2) If you dare, check out & click on Continental Congress2009. This ambitious undertaking will be held Nov. 9-24, 2009 at a location yet to be determined. Each state will nominate three(3) delegates. You may select a state from the map & see what is happening on a state level. I have been nominated as a candidate from Illinois, but that is not the reason for the plug. This event promises to be an ‘in-your-face’, but by the book (Constitution), gathering of liberty-loving Constitutional Originalists with the end result being practical, meaningful & thoughtful resolutions, techniques & plans for reclaiming our representative Republic & realizing the prosperity & liberty envisioned as a legacy gift from our founding fathers…..

  2. Thank you for your comments. I am glad there is someone else with the ability to think for themselves.It seems our elected officials have lost touch with reality.They are power hungry egotists lost in their own little minds. May God have mercy on “WE THE PEOPLE”.
    P.S. Be an American not a United States SHEEPLE>

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