Dr. Obama

No doubt the country wants some form of universal health care. Why? I cannot understand. Health care is a recent invention. I recall, when growing up, that mother took me to the doctor on a streetcar. She paid him in installments. If I was really sick, he came to the house. People lived, and they died.  Today, we seem to have this idea that we need to be taken care of, and we want the government to do it.

I blame the insurance companies for creating this monster. Forty years ago,  if a person went to a doctor with a problem, the doctor asked if he had hospitalization insurance. If the person did, he was hospitalized for tests. That way the patient wouldn’t have to pay. The doctor and the insurance company were in cahoots with each other. The government got into the act with Medicare in 1965.  It was created to provide for the “general welfare.”

It has inculcated a mindset that we are entitled to healthcare. Maybe we are, but there are limits. Be careful what you wish for.

Dr. Obama Gives Mr. Taxpayer His Diagnosis

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