Presidential Terror Attack

Any one who still believes the threat of terror in our country is not real, has not seen the videos of  New Yorkers running out of their buildings after seeing the Presidential Airplane flying low toward Manhattan.  They weren’t taking chances. Who wants to stay in a building that has an airplane headed toward it?

Our president is responsible for inflicting terror upon the people of Manhattan.  For what ever reason, his airplane was being used to “take pictures” using the Statue of  Liberty as a backdrop. Or maybe he was testing the people to see if they are alert to another attack. It is clear that whatever the reason, people are still afraid that a terrorist attack can happen again.

Our country has a mind set to not believe that we were kept safe by the Bush administration. There is true skepticism, after all nothing happened. The liberal logic tries to make us believe that nothing happened because there was never any threat of a terrorist attack in the USA.  If we truly believed that to be true, why were the people of New York running?

During the cold war, we called propaganda efforts such as “no threat exists”  a communist front. What do we call it today?

This is my interpretation of what actually took place:

Situation Room

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