People’s Car 2

2009-Barack-Lucerne People's CarFirst People's CarRemember the first people’s car? That’s the car Hitler established to put a car in every German’s garage. He called it the Volkswagen, aka People’s Car. Now we have our own People’s Car. No doubt the models will carry names like Coupe de Obama, Maliburack, Barack Lucerne, or Camarobama. 

Hitler used the money he raised for the Volkswagen to fuel his  war machine. What is the  POTUS going to do with GM and Chrysler?

POTUS should wise up and turn the management of the car companies over to the zealous UAW leadership. They have bad mouthed GM management about their stupid decisions for fifty years. They especially ranted over decisions  that  earned truckloads of money off the sweat of their labor. I’d like to see the UAW workers designing, and deciding how many units of government mandated fuel efficient cars to build when the customers want horespower, torque,  and speed. I’d like to see the UAW meet government fuel economy and emission standards. I’d like to see how the UAW would handle their fringe benefit programs and actually make a profit competing against the rest of the world’s automakers.

Initially, I ranted that GM, and the UAW should be allowed to fail (Wealthy Middle Class.)  After thinking about it, I changed my mind and wrote about why the government should loan them the money (Give ‘em the Loan!.) In hindsight, I was wrong on the second count. A loan from the government is the same as suicide. Now, we find our country headed for mass ownership of private enterprise companies.

Initially, I thought POTUS would take the country toward socialism, but this is now sounding like Communism (  Will the next step be government take overs of all privately owned property?  We all know how that experiment turned out now don’t we? Or do we?

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  1. This is complete reverse discrimination. Obama is doing what he wants, whenever he wants, and everyone is afraid to say something because they will be labeled as a racist. I raise my glass to Angie Harmon.

    I just can’t wait to see Obama in my garage with a monkey wrench in his hand fixing my Camerobama.

    So much for “government by the people FOR THE PEOPLE”.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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