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My Flag Cries EverydayHow much more disgusting can things get? We now have the omnipotent Obama running a car company. What next?  Think about it. How long before the Feds come to your front door to tell you that your position has been replaced by a loyal left wing supporter from the  UAW ? If POTUS can fire a CEO from a private enterprise company, then he can fire you too.

The outrage here is the hypocrisy of the boys in charge. The entire population of elected reps in Washington DC are responsible for all of our problems. Had Bill Clinton not engineered the social change to put every voting citizen into a house, the housing crisis would not have occurred. Had the Congress under the direction of Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd, not pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give away money in the form of  interest only non secured loans,  the meltdown would not have occurred. Yet I don’t see why they are not fired. Why are they not being asked to give back their salaries? They got taxpayer money to do what they did. Every elected official, and their staffs,  should be working for a salary of one dollar per year (POTUS included) until the mess is cleaned up. I bet things would change pretty quick.

Argue with me if you think I am wrong.

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  1. This guy was put in office with the help of the unions.
    He is now going to sink the auto industry and wipe out the pay and benefits of THOUSANDS of union workers and retirees.

    The lesson here is that votes have consequences.

    • His grand plan is to sink the United States. POTUS is so following the path of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro that it is scary. He was raised by a radical mother, preached to by a U.S. hating preacher for twenty years, and he just happened to hang around with a known domestic terrorist.
      Extreme left leaning liberals like to sell themselves off as “for the people,” but what they are after is the throne to sit on by themselves.
      He sold the population of the USA his snake oil and now we all have to swallow the same.

  2. No argument from me Joe. This guy is very popular right now, but wait until the inflation from all the “stimulas” money becomes a reality. He should have let nature take its course and let GM and Chrysler file bankrupsy.

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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