Stimulus Package My Ass!

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

I have not read the document of the new stimulus package passed by Congress last week, but I am hearing bits and pieces of it from various news analysts.  I want to hear words that describe tax reductions, instead I hear too many additions that sound like all the promises made by BO during his campagin. The sneaky bastards want us to buy the whole thing in one fell swoop. Nancy Pelosi and the Congress have designed a trillion dollar package to buy every Barack Obama campagin promise under the guise of a stimulus to the economy. All this package will do is to keep you,  me, and our great grandchildren poor. Only the fat cats in Washington will benefit.

Most of the package is made up of items that will stay in the budget forever, and will not add a single job, except for a government worker to administer it. For example, take eighty seven billion dollars earmarked for healthcare reform. That’s not a stimulus. The only way it will stimulate the economy is if everyone in the country gets sick. Do we want that?  It is  probably good for a million government jobs though. Most likely BO will have to build a city to house the buildings it will require to administer. I guess that his idea of infra-structure.

I will buy into tax breaks and infra-structure projects, because we will get something for it. Sending money to foreign countries so they can abort babies is not stimulus.  What is this thing about Nancy Pelosi wanting several millions for contraceptives? She sounded like someone who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar when they asked her about it. Where the hell did she come from?  Does she believe the voting population was born yesterday? 

We have to defeat this bill. Call or  e-mail your Senators now!  Tell them to vote against it. Better yet, tell them to change it into  a real stimulus by adding more tax reductions. Under no circumstances do we want the bill to be passed as is. We the people know how to spend our money, not a politician.

Go to this site now and find your Senator. Send him the message.

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