I Can’t Stand It Anymore!

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

In the last month I have deliberately kept from ranting about the government, Barack  Obama, specifically. I wanted  to see what was going to unfold. 

I can’t stand it anymore! 

  It’s only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration and I’m getting very tense about the situation. If I survive the next four years without a heart attack, it will be a miracle.

During the campaign, Barack Obama constantly barraged us with his rhetoric of taxing the rich. Those of us who are less than poor will get a tax break. Yeah.

Is it just me who believes that the people he is putting in charge  are thieves? Take the new Treasury Secretary for instance, he got caught not paying his taxes. Now we find out that the guy in charge of  Health and Welfare  is a tax dodger too. Is Barack Obama ever going to wake up to the fact that the rich never pay taxes anyway, so how will he pay for his welfare programs by taxing them more? Duh! He won’t. But that won’t stop him from making us into a welfare state. The money will come from the poor. He will be forced to tax the poor to pay the poorer. Except he and the government will keep a portion of it for themselves. The people in power will never starve. This is beginning to sound too much like the system the Soviet Union used. We all know the Russian people are happy campers, so I guess we will be just as happy.

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  1. Bill; How do we fix the education system? I’m a firm believer that we already throw too much money at the problem. I will gladly take ten kids and teach them for the same money the government spends on them now.

  2. So, what else is news? We can’t find any honest politicians! Besides, welfare is nothing more than buying votes. The USSR educated its youth. That was the downfall of the USSR. We now have a high school drop-out rate around 50%. The lack of education of our youth is the downfall of the USA.

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