Lunatics Strike

Lunatics! Machinsts at Boeing going on strike at a time when great jobs are at a premium.  The machinist union is working over time to send another twenty thousand of their precious few jobs to China. When will these guys wake up? Strikes do work, but after a strike, a wise employer will work diligently to change the company so a strike will not cripple them again. I’ve seen it happen.

I have personally traveled to the far east to seek out machine shops with low costs. I expected to see crude, worn out machines, and many people using hand tools to “carve” the steel. Was I shocked. I saw first class shops with state of the art CNC machining centers being programmed by young well trained machinists. To make matters worse, these trained machinists worked for one tenth the wages of our machinists at home. The quality of their work is outstanding. What was lacking was our ability to spec out a part. If not spelled out, the Chinese take shortcuts we would never dream of taking.

The workers of Boeing are most likely going to vote for a man who promises to create five million new jobs. The government can’t really create a damn thing but another opening in a government office, so why would anyone of sound mind jeopordize a fantastic job. Trust me, once these jobs leave the country, they’re not coming back. Only business can create meaningful  jobs. Yet we work hard to destroy the engine that creates the positions we sorely desire and pine to have back. 

Go for it guys, then cry about all the jobs leaving the country, and be sure to blame the government for it.

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