Aw Shits and Atta Boys

Grumpa Joe Looks at FlowerA friend introduced me to a new term as a joke, but it has become a hard fast rule with me. We go along in life doing good work and maybe we get an “atta boy” from our boss or a co-worker. One day something happens and we have an “aw shit” moment. We screw up. Did you ever notice that it takes only one “aw shit” to negate one hundred “atta boys?” Why is that? Why is it that people tend to remember those “aw shit” moments and forget about all the “atta boys” we’ve accumulated along the way?

I like to believe that I get “aw shits” by trying hard. The more work I do the better the chances are that I will occasionally fail.  The failure does not mean that I am a failure, it only means that I tried something that didn’t work. It is human nature to play up the negative. Why? I haven’t a clue. Maybe one of you can fill me in.


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  1. Well, after reading this one, I noticed that it takes one aw, shit to eradicate 100 atta boys. I know everything is suffering from inflation – I thought one aw, shit eradicated only 10 atta boys – I had no idea it had gone up as drastically and quickly as the price of gasoline!

    Keep writing Joe, I love ’em!


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