Cherry Pie and the Kids

Grumpa Joe Looks at FlowerWhat a great weekend this has been for me! Yesterday, I had the honor of being with my three children and their families. We celebrated the birthday of my namesake grandson. All of his cousins and uncles were there from my side of the family. From his dad’s side he had his one aunt and his grandparents.

Today, Peggy and I ventured out to mass at Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church. Afterward, we visited the Frankfort Farmer’s Market. She bought a fresh cherry crumble pie. We were home only an hour when Peg’s grand daughter Shannon came by. It is her birthday, she is twenty seven. Our plan was to have a party for her, but her mom had to work and her sister was out of town. Instead, we accepted an invitation to eat lunch with my daughter and her family. We haven’t done that in quite some time. They took us to the Brazilian Steak House in Tinley Park. The food was good, and the wine was even better. Afterward we adjourned to our house for cherry pie and ice cream. Peg and I are so stuffed, we can’t move.

Later in the evening, son Mike came over with his three kids. We sat and chatted for over two hours. Its even more fun when the children are old enough to participate in the adult conversation. I showed Danny my cukaracha shirt. He wasn’t impressed, he still likes his shirt better.

Kids, I love you and cherish every moment we spend together.

This afternoon, Peggy called her son to wish him a happy father’s day. She reached him in a car on Interstate 65, eighty miles south of Indianapolis. He is on his way home from vintage drag races in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I spoke with Larry and got a first hand account of the day at the races.

It rained this afternoon, and that kept us in the house. Tonight, our Concerts on the Green begin with a SInatra Impersonator.  If it is not rained out, the program should be very good.

How much more could a father-grandfather ask for? I’m not sure my  heart can take any more excitement.