I Can’t Believe

When it comes to kids wanting to change their gender while still in grammar school, I cannot, nor will I, ever believe it is possible. It’s been a long time since I was that young, but it never occurred to me that I might want to be a girl. The subject never came up in our house. My brother is a boy, I am a boy, and my sister is a girl. We were satisfied with life as it happened. What I could believe is that kids who want to change their gender at age five or six have been brainwashed. Perhaps by parents who wanted a girl instead of a boy or vice versa. Kids just don’t think that way. They are too young to really understand the difference. Another thing I don’t understand nor believe is the medical industry that is growing up around gender change. There must be a lot of sick doctors who believe they can become famousl by supporting the physical surgery they implement to change a boy into a girl.

There has to be something in the food or water these people drink to make them believe in what they do. There is no other explanation. What is scarier to me are the laws that politicians are implementing to allow six year olds to undergo major body transformations without parental approval. Instead of giving parents the responsibility they have for bringing up their progeny the law pushes the right on to elementary school teachers. That is totally insane. In fact nothing about gender change is sane.

One of my theories is that the brains of these children have been infiltrated with garbled messages and the young brain just soaks it all in, and messes up the intricate linkages between mind and body. One way that occurs is by the constant repetition of thought processes that may occur during electronic games. All kids love playing computer games and parents use the games as a way to keep their child occupied and out of their hair. The games allow characters to morph from one person to another, they can change personalities with button pushes in instants. I know from my own addictions to electronic games that the desire to win and play is strong. One game I play is two deck solitaire. The stats kept by my computer show my win rate to be 16.2%. That is a losing statistic, but the desire to beat this game of chance continues. The same meter tells me that I have spent a total of 122 days, 23 hrs, and 25 minutes playing a game that I cannot beat. Yet, whenever I get near my laptop, I play another round. If that isn’t conditioning I don’t know what is. It is hard for me to realize that I have spent four months of my life playing solitaire, but it is a fact.

Statistics of populations world wide show that the number of people who are transgender varies between 1-5 percent. My math calculates that to be as many as 80 million people who have been born with their wires crossed. Is it our responsibility to convert these souls into their proper gender? I say no. We are still far away from having the smarts and the techniques required to make gender reassignment safely feasible. At this point we are merely performing experiments on kids to uncross their wiring. That puts us in the NAZI class of experimenting on humans because it is fun to do.

One day, soon I hope, these people who believe they can alter nature and revise gender will wake up and reverse the process. By that time we will be flooded with generations of kids who have been bodily re designed to think they are something other than what they are. The problem is they will have no way to reset to what is normal.

The Gift (A serial, Part 8)

The Gift (A serial, part 8)
The tiny apartment was completely aglow with the tree and the nativity creche. His mood was one of anticipation for the party tonight.  Morty’s friends Max, and Gracie  were coming to celebrate. The party would be late because before they could come, each of the angels had to watch over his child’s prayers, and they had to be sleeping. Morty checked Benjamin again to make certain he was dreaming sweet dreams.
When finally the guardian angels knew their kids were dreaming of sugar plums and fairies, they slipped away to Morty’s house.  Their halos turned on, and shining brightly. Their wings glowing as bright as Connie’s lights and tinsel. When all of them were together, they wished each other
“Merry Christmas”
Then without another word  they knelt quietly before the creche and prayed for their children, for peace in the world, and for goodwill toward all men!

Merry Christmas to all, and happy birthday, they said.

For This, I Give Thanks!

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Flashy ZinniasHappy Thanksgiving!

Today, I give thanks for the following gifts:

I thank the Lord for allowing me to wake up.

I thank the Lord for the precious gift of time.

I thank the Lord for allowing me to be born in the USA.

I thank the Lord for three wonderful kids, and seven wonderful grandchildren.

I thank the Lord for my wife Peggy.

I thank the Lord for two step children and three step grandchildren.

I thank the Lord for my brother, sister, nephews, and nieces.

I thank the Lord for my abundance.

I thank the Lord for allowing me to belong to the Lions Club, the bike club, and the garden club.

I thank the Lord for all of my wonderful friends.

I thank the Lord for Aunt Marie who is ninety three.

I thank the Lord for this wonderful sunny day.

I thank the Lord for my health.

I thank the Lord for this Weblog.

I thank the Lord for all of the people who read this.

I thank the Lord for President George W. Bush for leading the country for the last eight years.

I thank the Lord for President elect Barack Obama, and his preparation to run the country for the next four years.

I thank the Lord for giving me the faith to believe in Him.