No Mexico, You Belong To Spain

Reading news headlines is causing me to suffer anxiety attacks. The most recent one is a quote from someone named Jorge Ramos. I judge by his name he is hispanic. He is good at inciting hispanic gang members who have infiltrated the USA to riot and protest. His main claim is that the USA belongs to Mexico. I believe at one time a great part of North America did belong to a number of Indian tribes like Aztecs and Incas, but they lost the territory to the Spanish in 1521. during the next 289 years the Spaniards subjugated the Aztecs, Inca, and Mayan tribes with severe degrees of brutality to give them a language, culture, customs, and a new DNA.


Eventually, a guy by the name of Napoleon decided he wanted to invade Spain and claim it for France. The Spanish didn’t want to be kicked out of their home digs and needed cash to fight them off. At that same point in history, the Mexicans were all shouting “we can’t stand it anymore” and decided to wage war for independence from Spain. The Spaniards who after putting up with these ungrateful natives for so many years were only too happy to give them their independence in year 1810 by pretending to lose a war of revolution.


Since then the Mexicans have been struggling with establishing a government that can work for all their people. It works really great for anyone who is rich, but if you were born a poor man you are destined to remain poor. Mexico is a rich country and has a very good economy, and there is not reason in the world that they should ignore the millions of poor people they have by pretending they belong to the USA.


About thirty-six years later the natives of Texas were unhappy with conditions and decided to push the Mexican army out of their territory. A brave bunch of these fighters made a grand stand at a place called the Alamo. Later, the USA chased their sorry asses out of Texas all the way to Mexico City. The USA could by right own all of Mexico down to their capital city. Our stupid leaders at the time didn’t want all of Mexico. Instead of just occupying the country and encouraging migration into those lands they opted to draw a line along the Rio Grande river, and what is now our infamously contested border fence. Just to show them what good sports we are, we retreated from Mexico city and gave them back all the land from Mexico City north to the Rio Grande. We paid them fifteen million dollars for the land we wanted from them. They accepted the payment. The USA was not obligated to pay them one red cent, and that is the end of the argument. All of this is spelled out in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.


If Jorge and his gang want to claim something he should pick on Spain. They are the ones who made him a half-breed, and decimated their cherished land. I have a stinking feeling that if California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas were empty of people, business, and movie stars the Mexicans would be happy to leave the territory to the gringos of the USA. It is not the land they want, it is the wealth of the people in these states that they claim is theirs. Without this wealth the land is still the same dry ass desert their Aztec, Mayan, and Inca ancestors abandoned centuries ago.

My advice to Jorge; work on your government to make things better for your people. The USA is not Mexico, and Mexico does not own the USA.

Here is a suggestion. Draw up a new border around Mexico City and the very rich states where all the US business operates to form a downsized Mexico, and give the USA everything else. My guess is that within fifty years your downsized Mexico will be engulfed by happy and prosperous American citizens who live free in an Exceptional Country.


Borders Or No Borders?


What is a country without boundaries? Imagine if each of the States within the USA had no boundaries, and the United States of America was just America. Most likely we would have one set of laws, not fifty-one. I say fifty-one because now each State has laws, and the Federal Government also has laws. I suppose one could argue that having so many laws requires thousands if not millions of people to manage. If we look at Illinois we have a Governor, State Legislature, Supreme Court, State Police, etc. Breaking it down further we have counties and townships within counties, then villages, towns, and cities. Each of these entities have boundaries, and each defined area has government. When I think about it a country without internal boundaries and ruling governments puts us back to the time when only Indian tribes wandered North America, a place where there were no rules and everyone was happy. That is until one tribal chief decided his neighboring chief had better horses, and he would even things out with some horse redistribution.

President Obama and the leaders of the European Union are proponents of countries with out boundaries or borders. They promulgate free migration of tribes within the continent and the world. Think about that one, a world without any boundaries separating peoples and cultures. we would be free to happily room about anywhere we want without any fear of law enforcement coming down upon us asking embarrassing questions like “what are you doing here?” My guess is that peoples around the globe would live tribally, if for no other reason than to protect themselves from marauding wanderers. Personal weapons would be necessary to keep your way of life. We would be free! Or would we?

What I have omitted to this point is the King factor. In large expanses of territory inhabited by millions of indigenous people there arises one individual who by force rises to the top to rule. This happens because that one person decides he wants to live a better life than all those beneath him. The King appoints favorites to help him administer the throngs of ungoverned free people. Soon, the king and his advisors begin drawing regulations to control the free people. If there is no control the King does not get his way. The free people have no say in the rule nor any say in changing the rule.

Our government has become the ruling élite and they are surely regulating free people into non-thinking humanoids who live to serve the king. We have a president who believes his rule is above the law and Supreme court rulings are meaningless to his edicts. We have a House of Representatives who is our voice in government, but they are too preoccupied with re-election and personal gain to care about what the president decrees. In recent years they rubber stamp Presidential decrees without any debate or concern for the American people.

The European Union began as an idea to unify currencies and trade opportunities within member nations. The first thing they did was agree to open their borders to allow travel around Europe without unnecessary border guards checking  visas and passports. The unified currency allowed people to travel throughout the EU without concern about currency exchange rates, and the acceptance of different monies. At first it sounded good, but as the years passed the system evolved into more than just that. The ruling élite began regulating members. Slowly, the different cultures of Europe began to give in to the elites for the sake of harmony within the union. What the EU really wanted to do was to become   the United States of America. They encouraged immigration by spreading the doctrine of multiculturalism. That is where the great social experiment failed. Each member country became dotted with tribes of immigrants living in every member country. None of them learn to speak the language of the host nation, nor learn the host country customs and cultures. It is the opposite, The tribes expect the host to bend to the immigrant by speaking their language, bending to their dietary needs, their religious beliefs and so on. The European Union is dotted with these tribes across the continent. Slowly the tribes grow from tiny specks into dots, and eventually they will cover the host countries until  the hosts become the minority, and they lose their identity; they become slaves to the visitors.

The EU tries to be like the USA but fails miserably. There is no assimilation, why? There is no need for the immigrant to learn a new language. There is no single European culture to assimilate into. Immigrants do not migrate with the intention of becoming German or Dutch, Spanish, French, or British they migrate for two reasons, social programs, and to get away from war-torn areas. They have no intention of becoming German, French, Spanish, Italian, or any other nationality. In fact, the laws of many countries make becoming citizens extremely difficult.  They come to stay the same people they have always been, except in a new environment. The EU lacks an army to defend its people. They rely on the United Nations, and the United States to do the work. Immigrants have no opportunity to serve in the military as a way to show their patriotism to their new-found country.

Obama, his Administration, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and fifty percent of the country look to Europe as the Utopian model. What they don’t realize is that the American model is what the Europeans are struggling to emulate. We have the standard language, we have cultures which are regionally different yet nationally allegiant to a single Constitution. We have learned that having borders within borders is helpful in keeping peace without limiting personal freedom. We are a great nation of immigrants. In the beginning, immigration was wide open; get on a boat, and step into the country. As the country grows and labor opportunities slow down the need to control the flow of people coming in becomes necessary. Immigration laws were written to smooth the flow into the country to cut the chance for mass migrations that would be a disservice to the people coming here for opportunity. What we have done wrong in the USA is to stop enforcing the existing immigration laws. A very simple fix is to keep the existing laws but to increase the number of people we allow in every year. If we want to get fancy we can add a work permit to cover migrant workers entry to do seasonal work.

The freedoms we have  work against us. Organizations like LaRaza routinely promote disregard for the borders and control of immigration from Central America. They should be classified as subversives, and denied existence. The same hold true for Mosques and Muslim lobby groups like CAIR. Since Islam is a religion, and a political ideology it should be classified by law as one or the other. As it is, Islam can not co-exist with our Constitution. If it is a religion then we must treat it like any other religion. We must require that they pledge to follow our laws, and if they follow Sharia then they lose their right to stay in this country. Mosques that teach radicalism must be closed under the rule that radicalism is a political system and not a religious one. Political Correctness must be abandoned. We are an exceptional nation. That doesn’t mean people in other countries are not exceptional in education, or thought, it means our country is built on an idea that all men are created equal. We are made up of immigrants that have embraced that concept and love being here. If you can’t adjust to that simple rule the door is open for you to leave. Immigrants must understand history, and let go of the fact that once upon a time there were slaves in North America. There were a lot of things that happened many years ago, and that is no longer a reason to complain about your miserable life. Racial discrimination can not be eliminated over night. It will take many generations to even out the difference between races. Leaders like Obama who divide the country on racial issues have only served to retard any progress made by a hundred years.

America is an idea sought by all people in the world, even Europe. The problem is that America did not become exceptional over night. It was a process, combined with evolution. We can not expect to package the idea in a big box and send it to places around the world to become America upon opening. Our Founding fathers did not invent this system overnight. Their ancestors migrated to North America to flee persecution in Europe. They started their colonies with the background of law abiding countries in Europe beginning with the Magna Charta. Pilgrims modified those laws and practices to make things work for them on this soil. The Founders also had that background and the back ground of the great thinkers of Europe to learn from when they began the process to declare independence and to establish the country. It took another ten years of operation to realize they needed more change, and appointed a select group of men to write the Constitution. It is that document which has carried our proud nation forward, and will continue to carry us forward for centuries to come. What we don’t need are people who call themselves progressives to rewrite the rule book on how to run the greatest country in the world.

My last thought on borders is this. If we want to return to the caveman era let us erase every border in the world. If we want to move forward as a civilization let us draw the borders and build walls if necessary to control the flow of peoples from country to country. If we really want to move forward as a world, let us standardize on a language before we undertake the more complicated issue of government. It is my opinion that even if we get people speaking the same language in every country, it will be a thousand years before we all understand each other speaking the same. If you don’t believe me try listening to a speech in English given by someone from a non-english speaking country. Of course there are exceptions, but the average person from another country speaking English will be burdened with the dialect of his birth language.

Obama’s and Hillary’s New World Order will take a lot longer than eight years to evolve. Every time I hear of the New World Order I envision the Earth Senate convening in the science fiction movie Star Trek. It is a UN on steroids. It represents the people of planet Earth yet mysteriously they still don’t speak the same language and all need interpreters. It’s not going to work folks.



O’s Arizona Solution

It will start with a minor shift to move the border north of  Tucson and Phoenix, and give them back to Mexico. At the rate Obama is going with his immigration policy, the final result will be a border shift all the way to Canada. The United States of America will be a line on the map. Without a secure border, do we have a country?

 A week ago, I saw a news flash on Mother’s Day with two mothers pleading to Iran to let their kids out of jail. It seems their asshole children were hiking in Iraq along the Iranian border just for fun. Evidently, they wandered across the Iranian border. Gee, all of a sudden they became illegal aliens. As much as I hate Iran I commend them for keeping their border secure.

If we did the same along the Mexican border, perhaps Obama wouldn’t have to strain himself tugging the border northward.