The Sea Is Rising To Meet Us

The push to electrify the world is based on the premise that we are causing global warming by burning fossil fuels, which produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide in the air makes the air get hotter than what is normal. This warming is then causing the polar ice caps to melt and the oceans to rise. A lot of ice is stored around the planet in glaciers, ice mountains in Antarctica, and just plain ice in and around the north and south poles. One day soon, I will attempt to calculate the volume of ice that has to melt and determine how much the oceans rise to cover seventy percent of Earth. That is a lot of water. My logic urges me to believe there must be some warehouse full of ice that we don’t know about.

Anyway, I’ll get to my point. I believe that we should change our way of thinking a little bit. A scientist would say we should shift the paradigm. Let us assume that global warming is taking place. For the moment, forget about the BS that you are causing the warming by driving to the grocery store. Assume, instead, that in addition to your hot drive to get groceries, the Earth is in one of its normal warming cycles when the sun is flaring extra heavy, the Earth’s orbit is just a fraction smaller, bringing the planet an inch or two closer to the sun. At the same time, our planet begins spewing lava from its core in places like Yellowstone Park, the ring of fire encircling the Pacific Ocean, our fiftieth state, Hawaii, and all the other volcanoes scattered about the planet in places too numerous to enumerate. All of them spewing molten lava at temperatures between 1300 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare that to our hot cars emitting carbon dioxide at a measly 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have yet to measure any atmospheric temperature of more than 0.000001 degrees, which is well within the measurement error. In other words, they have yet to see a measurable change. I point out that volcanoes have a much larger effect on global warming than cars.

Okay, we will assume that global warming will melt the ice caps, and the water level will rise by 230 feet. Not all the land people live on will be affected by that much water rise. True, the amount of land above water will be reduced, but there will be sufficient land above water to provide a home for Earthlings. Some scientists predict it will take five thousand years of regular global warming to melt all the ice on Earth. I, for one, will not see that happen, nor will any of my kids. But for those worried about that happening, what are you doing about the problem? For one, you are making radical changes that don’t make sense to change the temperature by some immeasurable fraction of a degree to slow it down. If this is a regular warming cycle, we don’t have a Chinaman’s chance in hell to change things. The world has been covered in ice many times before and uncovered in periods long before the internal combustion engine was invented. It will take something more drastic than changing the world to electric cars to make a noticeable change.

A Mechanical Sea Wall in the Netherlands
A Sea Wall Separating the North Sea From and Inland Lake

Here are some things we could be doing:

1. Build sea walls in places where it is feasible. The country of Holland has had a sea wall retaining the North Sea for centuries. Learn from the city of Venice, which deals with tidal sea rises in their city seasonally.

2. Plan new cities into which major populations can move.

3. Build new roads into these new cities.

4. Innovate new boat cities that will survive, and thrive in the flooded areas.

5. Learn how to survive with dikes and sea walls from the Netherlands.

6. Build seawalls to keep the coastline from invading the shore.

7. Build desalinization plants that can bring fresh water to desert areas.

8. Learn to grow food in less space than we use now.

9. Provide housing with smaller footprints to house more people in the same space.

10. Finally, learn that electricity and water don’t mix.

Instead of trying to make a common sense practical plan, we are wasting money and effort on stupid plans to electrify our transportation system and to transport everyone (most likely the elite among us) to Mars to escape the rising water. We have 5000 years to make it happen so if you are really worried get it started today!

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) with cubs in the Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

The government will have to be involved in any plan this big, so I recommend we stop wasting our time trying to keep Donald Trump from becoming president. Instead, we should abolish Black Lives Matter, because all lives matter. Abandon “Defund the Police, because we need to recognize that our society needs to be secure from the crazies among us. Recognize that being “Woke” only means we treat people of all races equally. Write to your Congressman to ask AI to give us the solution. Put all uber-liberal communists to work building the wall. In fact, I think it might be wise to put all of Congress to work building the seawall around the Capital to protect Washington, D.C., from being overwhelmed by the Potomac River. (Most likely, this seawall will be the first built; God forbid our government should be exposed to a life-threatening situation).

Lastly, write to your Congressman to ask what he plans to do about the sea rising from global warming.

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  1. Don’t have an intelligent comment on global warming, but I do worry about the environmental degradation being caused by human greed. Coming back to the point of warming, I also feel that there is enough currently cold uninhabitable land between Siberia, Greenland, North Canada and Antarctica that will become inhabitable to accommodate humans if the Earth does get a few degrees hotter.

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