Thirty Minutes

is the longest it took for Super Squirrel to beat my modified squirrel guard. In a previous post I told the story about how I had to build a new bird feeder and how the squirrels found it fast. I’ve been through this process before, and I know what I have to do keep these little pests out. I love squirrels just as I love birds, but I abhor squirrels who eat all the bird food before the birds get any. My challenge is to deter the rascals by out smarting them. So far I am losing.

The modification I made was minimal, but took only a few minutes to implement. I drilled a series of holes around the perimeter of the stove pipe and filled the holes with two inch long screws. I thought this would do the trick, but the industrious Super Squirrel kept at it until he learned that there was enough room between the barrier screws to squeeze between them. Now that he has learned the knack, he can make it up the pole under the stove pipe in a one super smooth move.

There are several steps to try next, but have I have a conundrum. Do I waste time implementing small steps or do I do what is right, and stop the nonsense?

Before I modify the stove pipe again I have set out a suet feeder on a tree away from the bird feeder. The hope is that Super-Squirrel will prefer some tasty suet over plain old seed.

Stay tuned.

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