Pay Off

The new bird feeder is paying off big time. Although it will cost me an arm and a leg to keep it full. The pleasure of seeing a flock of birds pecking away at seed on the ground and in the feeder more than makes up for the cost. I even enjoy watching the occasional squirrel stuffing himself. No doubt I will join the group of squirrel challenged adults and join in the Squirrel Olympics. There is nothing more mentally challenging than watching these athletic rodents and devising methods to deter them. To date, my record is zero versus 100’s of wins for the tail flipping critters.

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  1. One product my company made was squirrel-guard for electrical wires . The critters used overhead wires for their highways and very often chewed through the insulation. Sadly, if they made it through the outer layer of the wire they fried themselves and shut down neighborhoods. We sold miles of this product, but I never heard any data on the efficacy. It must work because it is still sold to this day.

  2. You have sympathizers around the world. We have a lot of squirrels around our place. Very cute while they are running around, standing on their hind legs and making faces, but irritating as they seem to nibble anything remotely nibblable.

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