Indians in the Hills

Last week I posted a bunch of puns stolen from the Indian Hills Community Center sign. One of my readers who shall remain nameless questioned where Indians Hills was. In my infinite wisdom and because I travelled a lot in my younger days I wanted to answer that it was in the Smoky Mountains at a Cherokee Indian reservation. Boy was I wrong. My guess was only two thousand miles off. To avoid being outsmarted by some clever reader I decided to look it up. That is so easy to do with all the search engines available. Add to that the number of ways we can connect to a search engine answers only take nano-seconds to come by. The answer is: The Indian Hills Community Center is in the town of Indian Hills, Colorado. Follow this link to their Facebook page.

The story behind the puns is very interesting. The punster is Vince Rozmiarek, watch this video interview to learn his story.


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  1. Amazing! Thx for the video.

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