Who’s Lies Do You Believe?

Lie, lie, lie, the word is used daily in accusations by political pundits. It seems that making false statements has become standard in political conversation. Who are we to believe when a candidate makes a statement and his opposition says he is lying? To make things even worse, who are we to believe when the said candidate then responds with a counter statement that his rival is lying?

Then, there are statements made during campaigns that are interpreted as lies even though at the time a candidate made the claim he believed it to be true. For example, when Biden was campaigning to become president he stated that Trump mis-handled the COVID-19 response and because of it people died. He claimed that he would stop the pandemic and life would be good again. The instant those words left his mouth I jumped out of my chair in anger. How can anyone make such a claim when no one has yet demonstrated a single way to stop or control the virus? Biden knew what he was saying and he also knew it was intentionally false, but enough people were so sick of COVID they wanted to believe him and did. Now, of course, we all know that he was blowing smoke out of his ass. These statements fall under the Harry Reid Rule of making statements true or false to win elections. When Romney ran against Obama, Reid publicly stated that Romney did not pay his income-taxes. By the time anyone had proven otherwise the election was over and Obama won. Later when Reid was challenged on his statement his answer was “he won didn’t he?” In his demented mind that justified the lie.

Lying has become a standard way of speaking in order to win elections. Forget that “thou shalt not lie” is one of the ten commandments it only applies to someone else, and only when you are not speaking during and election campaign. I wish we could have an app to detect when someone was telling a lie and to “beep” when the lie is detected. Campaign speeches would sound a lot different with all the beeps coming after statements. For example:

“My fellow Americans (beep) I am running to be your next president because I want to lower your taxes (BEEP), and make America great again (BEEP), and I will make China and Russia behave (BEEP,BEEP,BEEP). . .”

John Q. Candidate

When did it become acceptable to condone lying in political speech? What is more surprising to me is that so many Americans are gullible enough to believe the horse hockey they are being fed. The lying does not stop with the candidates, but has permeated the reporting as well. Everyday we see examples of reporters writing and telling deliberate lies to illicit responses that support their political philosophy. A recent example is the article that cites a Liberal Supreme Court Justice making a claim that A Conservative Judge is jeopardizing her health by not wearing a mask in her presence. Two days later, after this lie has been promulgated around the world, another reporter finally asks the judges if this is correct. Both judges deny any such statement or intention. Who cares? The damage was done, and the man on the street only remembers that the Conservative Judge is a bad guy who intended to harm the Liberal Judge. Lies, lies, lies, but who cares the reporter did his job, and got his viewpoint out.

After reading history, I have learned the problem of lying in newspapers is as old as the First amendment which protects free speech even if it is damaging and incorrect. The only way to correct this is to not read the newspapers, or the websites that publish a lying reporter’s crap. The liars need to be exposed in a way that the public will not listen to their voice. A problem with this method is that there are way too many reporters involved, and new ones are being graduated every six months from a slew of liberal colleges with so called journalism programs. My personal method is to not read political essays on the internet nor listen to liberal voices on the tv or radio. Instead, I scan news sites and read headlines looking for interesting articles that I could believe and learn something from. I have also limited viewing cable news programs because they don’t contain news only opinions, and my opinion is as good as any of theirs. The worst kind of opinion program is when the moderator has a liberal and a conservative side by side. Most times the liberal will only invoke my vomit response. Why should I put up with that? I don’t.

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