Just When I Thought It Couldn’t get Worse

It becomes clearer every day now that President Joe Biden will not last his first term. The Democrats are in such trouble they will find a way to rid themselves of the curse he put on the country. It is my opinion that Biden should be propped up and made to look alive just like in the movie Weekend At Bernies. Why? Because I don’t think the alternative is better, In fact I think it will be worse. I can’t bear the thought of seeing the VP become the new President, and then listen to her answer with cackles.

It is also obvious to me that the news spotlight is suddenly on Wonder-Boy Pete Buttigieg. In my mind he is headed for the Vice Presidency, and when Cackle face resigns he would automatically become the new president. Most likely, he will be sworn in and immediately take another paternity leave to breast feed a new mouth. No matter that when he returns from leave the country will be at war with Russia in the Ukraine and China in Taiwan. Not to sweat because our Military Leaders will have everything under control with conference calls to Moscow and Bejing filling them in on battle plans. Of course President Wonder-Boy will blame everything on Trump and COVID. That is the formula all democrats use when they are caught with their head stuck in their anus.

Please remember this is all conjecture on my part based soley on current news articles and quotes by the accused. The latest article to set me off was by Wonder-Boy blaming the supply chain problem on a lack of government paid child care. Forgive me if I interrupt your train of thought with my laughter. I can’t wait to see how a government contracted individual who sits with your 2-5 yo kid will unlock the jam in the port of Los Angeles. What I do see is a bunch of cartel bullies running your kids through child molesters, human traffickers, and Critical Race Theory school. The government, especially Pete Buttigieg, should be kept away from providing any service that we can do for ourselves. I am familiar with private pre-schools in my town and I wouldn’t want them to be ruined by coming under government control. Mayor Wonder Boy’s stupidity is just one characteristic the democrats see as necessary to run a multi-trillion dollar budget and the world’s largest military.

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  1. Joe is Obamas lap dummy, sort of like Charley McCarthy. He is serving his purpose by doing whatever he is told by who? we don’t know exactly, but it appears to be Obama, Pelosi and the left radicals such as AOC and her minions. They will keep him in there as long as he can read their scripts and sign his name. Giggles would be harder to handle.

    • My guess is that giggles will be disposed of and wonder boy will be our next Mortimer Sneed.

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