Wonder Boy Does It Again

I don’t like to pick on President Biden because he represents the aged population, and picking on him would be picking on myself. There are certainly many things to pick on him about, the most stupid is his policy to follow up on all the ridiculous things Obama started but couldn’t complete. What I can do is pick on the assholes he has nominated for his cabinet positions. My number one pick is Wonder Boy Pete Buttigieg. Today he is on CBS reporting that the only way to end the back log in the ports is to kill COVID. How would he do that? By vaccinating every single person in North America.

Now, explain to me who that would happen? If everyone were to miraculously be vaccinated overnight today, how would it change the course of the ships in the harbor? Would there be more harbor space at the docks? would there be more transport trucks, trains, and drivers? It will take a couple of years to fill that pipeline. In the meantime COVID will run rampant where ever it can gain a foot hold. We still have outbreaks of polio and measles years after the world was vaccinated. My doctor told me that COVID will never go away; it is a virus for God’s sake it lives and thrives where ever it can.

What I would expect from Wonder-Boy are some solid actions to get things moving now. What would I do?

I would activate the National Guard with all their trucks and drivers.

I would direct ships from Los Angeles though the Panama Canal to ports in Miami, Savannah, and points further north, even Chicago through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

I would offer major bonuses to drivers who are currently unemployed to get into trucks to help unclog the ports.

I would ask Congress to pass a law that would grant the Federal Government power to put all union activity on hold until the crisis is solved.

The one thing I wold not do is what Wonder-Boy is doing i.e. NOTHING!

Instead Wonder-Boy makes negative statements that stopping COVID is the only answer. It may be, but it is not an immediate solution to a national problem. If ever their was a threat to national security this is one of them.

I recommend that Wonder-Boy don his Superman cape, Batman tights, and jump on his Pee Wee Herman Schwinn to pedal his ass back to South Bend where he belongs.

I want some TRUMP style action, and now!

Halloween Left-overs

This year I was optimistic about the number of kids that would come trick or treating. After all, COVID has quieted down in our area and everybody is anxious to get out. A month before the event my grocery store ran a sale of Halloween candy. I bit and bought a bag of 250 pieces of Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Twix, and M&Ms. Guess what? The crowd was minimal. I don’t think we had fifty kids come to the door. Of course it helped when my neighbor two doors down set up a giant air slide that he uses for his grand kids and I saw several kids pass by my house and make a b-line to the slide. Thank you Sue, but next time give me a warning. Now I’m stuck with all my favorite candies tempting me to kiss KETO goodbye. The system doesn’t work if I eat KETO breakfast, lunch, and supper, but snack on candies in between.

I worked a couple of hours this afternoon troubleshooting my pond pump which mysteriously stopped pushing water to my water fall. I pulled it out a couple of days ago when the temperature was in the low sixties, today it is in the thirties and a few hours ago it was snowing. Not very good weather to be playing outside in water, but it was a great day to play inside with water. I disassembled the pump and found nothing that would stop the impeller. I plugged it in on the bench and the impeller spun. After putting it back together I had two bolts left over and no nuts. I searched for a few minutes and thought maybe I have some of these nuts in my cache. I have hundreds of nuts, but not the kind I needed. I moved every tool, and part I had on the bench but found nothing. I scanned the floor around my bench with a spot light, nothing. Then the brain kicked in and started retracing my steps, I did walk the parts to the slop sink to clean them, so I scanned the sink, nothing. Then the light went on above my mind, look in the drain. Yep that’s where they were.

A second assembly later I declared the pump ready for a test, indoors that is. I left off the 90 degree elbow with the check valve, and put the pump in a five gallon bucket with water to test in my basement slop sink. The water shot up and gushed forth. Next, I thought why not see if the valve is the problem. I reassembled the elbow with the valve, and then thought long and hard about plugging it in. Do I venture ahead and test with the possibility of having to clean up four gallons of water, or do I drag the thing up the stairs to test it on the patio. I chose the patio. It took a few minutes to get it in place, but that was easier than mopping the basement from a man-made flood. I plugged it in, and water gushed out of the elbow, Great, I thought then it turned off. What? Why did that happen? My mind raced through a checklist of possibilities and then it dawned on me the bucket was empty. In that instant of turning the pump on it emptied the bucket. Whew! Problem solved.

I carried the bucket and the pump back to the basement and refilled the bucket with water. The manufacturer recommends storing the unit submerged in water to keep the seals from drying out and causing the oil to leak. Even though I am satisfied that the pump is healthy I still have a problem. The water fall no longer works, The next step will be to look for things that may be plugging the plumbing. If I live until April and I remember where I left off I’ll tackle it then. Right now I’m dreaming about wintering in Arizona where the only way I know if it snows is when the mountain tops above 7000 feet turn white.