No Additional Words Needed

Found                                                           Locally... Can                                                           Relate
Vorona                                                           Cirus
Very                                                           Clever
Funny But                                                           True
Seems                                                           Like They've                                                           Had Some Bad                                                           Customers Caw                                                           Caw
Doctors                                                           Be Like
This                                                           Synagogue Sign                                                           In Toronto
You’re                                                           Obsessing                                                           About This!
We All                                                           Know That One                                                           Guy
Sign In                                                           India
No                                                           Trespassing
The Good                                                           News Is We Do                                                           Accept Debit                                                           Cards
Wonder                                                           How Many Times                                                           Someone                                                           Knocked Before                                                           The Sign Was                                                           Made
That's A                                                           Big Muffin
Strip                                                           Clubs                                                           Quarantined                                                           Sign

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  2. Love these humorous ‘distractions’ you post occasionally 🙂

    • Thank You.

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