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I haven’t paid much attention to either candidate yet, but when I do see something it resonates with me. Since I am a heavy Trump fan whenever I see a Biden commercial I listen carefully to determine how the two candidates differ.

Yesterday, I listened to Biden and his plan for fighting COVID-19. It is the same as Trump’s word for word. I think he was reading from the Centers for Disease Control website, wear a mask, social distance, don’t go out if you feel sick etc. Where Biden does deviate heavily from Trump is on taxes. Biden will certainly raise our taxes to the point we will be crying uncle. It is my opinion that the Federal Government is way too large and the currently over-spent budget of Trillions is a hundred times larger than it needs to be. When will we as Americans learn to fend for our selves? Why do we believe that Uncle can take care of us better than we can?

Both candidates are old and can experience a health problem at any second. If they do have a problem, which Vice Presidential candidate has the best chance of running the country? My confidence is in Mike Pence. He has shown considerable leadership as a former governor and as VP. His performance as leader of the COVID-19 Task Force has been commendable. He clearly has more experience in getting things done than does Kamala Harris.

More scary to me is that if Biden has a problem and continues to lead who will really be calling the shots behind the scenes? Another old guy like Bernie? Or worse yet some political contributor who will remain invisible to the rest of us.

I am amazed at how little experience a presidential candidate needs to have in order to run the world’s strongest country with so much money to control. Other than popularity and some organizational skill to get a political campaign up and running there is little else to help decide which candidate is the best. Since Trump now has almost four years of performance behind him he has shown me that he is a capable leader in both domestic and world affairs.

And that is all I want to say about that.

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  1. I just saw your response from 2 years ago. So sorry for not responding sooner. Are you staying COVID free and writing?

  2. It is interesting that you wrote, “When will we as Americans learn to fend for our selves? ” I guess you are kind of tired of what conservatives call “Big Government.” — Are you even aware that the “Big Government” is what keeps our military built up and ready to defend us against foreign aggressors? Can you imagine a bunch of ill-organized Tea Party types with their automatic rifles trying to stop a Russian tank? But that sounds like what the ultra-right would love to see happen. — Do you believe that we could have fended for ourselves against the Covid Pandemic? It is big government money that allowed us to have vaccines. — Can you do without the Interstate Highway system that Big Government built? How about the postal service? How about public schools? How about a hundred and one other things paid for with big government money that we take for granted each and every day? You ready to take a shovel and dig your own new roads? — Right wingers hate socialism so much but they use “Socialist” things in their every day life and are glad to get them … things like social security for example. Medicare. Welfare checks. And then they go and elect themselves a president that embraces fascist ways of doing things …What is the matter with these people anyway?

    • Thanks for your response. I am not stupid, but aside from funding the military many of your arguments do not hold water. I am a Tea Party supporter, but I am also a realist. A civilian army at best could only become a pesty-fly on the wall of a huge army, National Guard, State Police, and local police. The vaccines were 90% completed without the government. It was only big government regulation that needed to be over-ruled. Yes, we could have fended for ourselves with COVID, but many of us would not be here to argue about it. Who took care of the Spanish flu? Who took care of the Asian Flu? Polio was taken care of twenty years after the fact. I agree on the interstate highways, but they were built for military purposes. Yes, schools were a great idea, but after inventing the department of education it has been going downhill, and our kids are not being educated anymore, but the schools become bigger and fancier, and teacher retirement is one of the most desired in the country. The postal service was invented by Benjamin Franklin and not big government. Big government is keeping it from doing what it should be doing best. We have gone from two deliveries per day to one, and we walk to the street to get it if we are lucky. Medicare? It was great idea until big government began tacking on all sorts of people who did not pay into the system. My shovel is ready to dig when a new road is approved, but where are they? Just like Liberals who like to pay for all good things for mankind with other people’s money, Conservatives like to fulfill most of mankind’s needs by paying for it themselves.
      If we keep this debate civilized perhaps we can make some progress.

      • Conservatives like to fulfill most of mankind’s needs by paying for it themselves. — That sounds like an ideal situation, Joe … can you detail for me some of the necessary needs of mankind in the United States that conservatives have paid for themselves? — I am not disputing your thesis ..I just want to know …I am assuming that we could get to the point where we could grow our own food .. but with some individual resources being very low, the variety of food we grow and pay for ourselves might be seriously lacking for some people …I imagine we could make our own clothes ….dig our own wells … build out own houses …provide our own heat for those houses by growing trees and using them as firewood …make our own medicines from herbs found out in the woods …Get rid of hospitals and doctors and use home remedies for sicknesses …Get rid of insurance and pay for our own losses …Cut out social security and get by on whatgever local churches can do to help ….just like in the old days before there was such a thing as social security …Yes, we could do all those things.

  3. Glad to see your post today.

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