Day 28-Quarantine-Sadness & Grief

Last night I slept soundly and woke up a little early. By 7:30 a.m. I had folded my laundry and made breakfast. Then it occurred to me, today is Peg’s birthday. She would have been 86. Although it has been ten months since she passed,  grief visited me as though it happened this morning. I may have to break down and drive to the cemetery to visit her.

On the COVID-19 front things are getting heated now that the death rate curves are beginning to show we may be on a downturn, New York, that is, Chicago is barely rising. Our area is clearly lagging New York and California, we always do even during recessions. We hear news about the east and west coming out of a downturn in business when we are just beginning to feel it. Nevertheless, we continue to hunker down as the rest of the country begins to argue about who to put the blame on. There are two major culprits in my opinion, Democrats, and China. At this point it is Democrats who are pointing fingers at Trump trying to further injure him. They don’t give a rats ass about their fellow citizens, only about taking power from Trump and the Republicans. With the Stay in Place Orders all across the country, the election is an issue, do we have an election or not?

I belong to the Lions Club that is not a secret. Lions Clubs International cancelled their yearly convention which is where they hold elections for officers. There will not be an election, the officers in place will continue for another term. Unfortunately, our United States Constitution does not cover how to handle a year when the election may not be feasible or possible.  Therefore, we argue. We ceased to debate about thirty years ago, and now it is always all out war with people-bashing rhetoric, one party trying to out-bash the other.

In the meantime the population copes with boredom, lack of money, shortages, and anxiety. One thing we have not lost is our sense of humor. We love to poke fun at one another sometimes bringing out the most creative ideas ever. Here are some of them from my daily e-mails.

Just For Fun


If you must go out wear masks

No Pictures, Just Words

Ontario has banned groups larger than 5.
If you’re a family of 6, you’re all about to 
find out who’s the least favorite!
Health Tip:  If you keep a glass of wine 
in each hand, you can’t accidentally touch 
your face.


The longer this goes on, the harder it will be 
to return to a society where pants and bras are required!
Remember when we were little and our underwear 
had the days of the week on them?
Yeah, they would be very helpful right now.


Today’s Weather?
Room temperature
If you get an email with the subject “Knock Knock”, don’t open it. It’s a Jehovah Witness working from home


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