I Quit!

Dear Boy Scouts of America:

Go to hell, I resign. Take my name along with my twenty-five years of service off your roles. I’m sure Lord Baden-Powell is spinning in his grave because of your stupid decision to bend to the progressive communist message. Let me be frank, allowing girls into BOY scouts makes as much sense as Bruce Jenner becoming a woman. As I wrote in an earlier post you had better develop merit badges for condom usage and sex education.

I would rather see the BSA go out of business because they have lost the interest of the boys of the world. Your branch of explorer scouts which took the same path as you are taking should have given you enough experience to realize this simply won’t work. My prediction is that within ten years you will merge with the Girl Scouts to survive.

The world continues to change. Darwin called it evolution. This wish for women to be men and men to be women is one of the evolutionary micro-organisms afflicting humanity. When will it end? When humans are all bi-sexual? There are a few species of animals in existence that don’t need sex partners to procreate, and you are going that way. The sex with robots movement is an early step in that direction.

Right now there is an excellent woman available to lead your failed organization. She is the master  of progressivism in the world and will enjoy taking every man you have left and tearing them into tiny pieces. Her name is Hillary. Good luck BSA.

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  1. Grumpa Joe, I agree completely. BSA can go to hell. Actually, they can eff off and die.

    By the way, spot on about the Commie bit. I’ve been re-studying the history of Marxism-Leninism in light of recent events. We are seeing a classic Leninist subversion campaign play itself out. What’s next, Checka death squads? If they regain power, yes.

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  3. Getting curiouser and curiouser

  4. Amen to all that. Political correctness is destroying society and demolishing history (e.g. tearing down Columbus statues). If that’s evolution, time for a good old-fashioned revolution.

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