Civil War?


While Obama was running for his first presidential term I predicted that there would be civil war fought in our country. The division that occurred between the left and the right without any middle ground seemed to be too huge to keep it from happening. The war has not happened, at least not a shooting war, but we are still divided even more so today than in 2008. The democrats had all the power; a leftist president, and Democrats were the majority in both houses. There was no stopping them. The unaffordable Care Act was approved by bull dozing through without any prior review by either house. We as citizens criticized our leaders for not reading the bill. The plain and simple fact was that they were not given an opportunity to read it. Had they the chance there would have been public outcry to stop the bill before it came to a vote.

Currently, the Republicans have the power, and I fully expect them to squander the opportunity to do some real good for the country. How many of you remember Obama putting down John McCain by Obama for daring to present an argument against the ACA. Obama very arrogantly told him the elections have consequences and I won you lost. The democrats rallied around that audacity and steam rolled the country into believing their bill was the salvation of the country. After the ACA passed and it became obvious that it had major problems, Obama again arrogantly changed the law to his satisfaction without any notification of Congress, a violation of his authority and against the law. The Democrats totally supported him because he was the Messiah and the ACA was to magic cure-all bullet.

This week, I heard Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer from New York cry that  Republican Senators  won’t compromise and allow the Democrats to ruin new efforts to make the bill into something that could work. What upset me was a lack of outrage by Republicans. I never heard any of them say that elections have consequences, and we won, you lost. I have this feeling that Republicans still think the Democrats are willing to compromise for the good of the country. They are not willing to do anything but to win for their corrupt party.

It is sad that the press, and the Democrats get so worked up when President Trump fights back against some of the BS they throw at him. The Press truly get upset that anyone should treat them in this manner. What they don’t fully understand is that the civil war I have alluded to is taking place, and they are the enemy. They lament that they are only trying to do their job, they don’t deserve to be denigrated and on. They still don’t get that they are the problem, and when they spew there falsities as fact we the reader have no fact checker to check them with. To them I say, get over it, we won you lost. If the want us to treat them appropriately, they can begin by reporting fairly and honestly without bias to either side. Instead they choose to be on the side of the enemy. I say to you, keep plenty of fresh kleenex in your pockets to catch the alligator tears you will shed when recoil against you when you spew lies at us.

Another point that has me upset is that there are factions within the Republican party that fight against their own people. The Congress resembles the war in Syria; Syrians against Syrians, rebels against Syrians, ISIS against everybody, the USA against ISIS, and the Russians against the rebels. Mark my word, there will soon be a video game depicting this scenario. I hope the developer sends a free copy to every member of the Senate so they can learn from it.  What a mess.



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  1. It is so complex and expensive. I don’t have any answers but am ever so grateful I have full affordable coverage with Medicare and supplemental with Aetna. However, I’ve heard it will be less of a financial burden by keeping people healthy than by having to treat when sick or having had developed a chronic illness forever. There is so much sugar in food and drinks that diabetes has expanded astronomically and starting at younger ages and obesity a big problem from consuming so much junk food. I appreciate the patriotism you express in your posts. H 4th, Joe !

  2. To complicate things Elizabeth Warren and Bernie now rage for single payer universal health care. That is the very very direct opposite of everything Republicans present and there can be no compromise with them so how can any agreement be accomplished ? They would be smart to achieve their goal in increments like keeping and expanding Medicaid. I really do hope that someday we will have universal health care and not different levels of coverage. One plan for all. Only those of us who are old enough for Medicare with a supplemental ,those with employer health package(but those premiums are skyrocketing) and the very rich have complete health care at present. Some Republicans want to allow people to not get any insurance because of freedom of choice. Huh ? Well when they have this freedom who’s going to pay for that $250,000 triple by-pass and hospital stay ? I am so saddened that quality men like Dole, Romney and McCain did not get to be president. Other Republicans rage against government run health care . Huh ? Medicare serves over 45 million people and is the best run coverage of all.

    Yes this is a 45% vs 45% (10% in the middle) country). Each is so adamant in their positions that the other side really is considered the enemy as you present. But the issues of the day are so passionately embraced by each side it is far beyond mere matters of disagreement.

    And all of them in both houses of congress seem to think that not having health care is a mere inconvenience. So many people I know have to make the decision every month weather to pay the health care insurance premium or the mortgage.

    • One day, there will be single payer health care, but at an astronomical cost. Sure it won’t cost us a dime out of pocket, but our pockets will be empty most times. I heard one estimate of 32 trillion dollars. The printing presses will wear out printing all that cash, but it will all go into the pockets of the health care industry. Oh well the doctors will be richer one says, but they won’t because in single payer the doctors make an fixed income. So who gets all the cash? Guess.

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