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  1. […] Hillary Is Banned By Law From Becoming President […]

  2. her grandiosity disqualifies her. Being so careless and reckless with matters of security disqualifies her. The Clinton’s using their public service years and subsequent connections to generate over $100 million is disgraceful.

  3. she should be put in Gitmo. she is a traitor to the United States.

    • That is the best idea yet.

  4. Law does not have to ban her. Common sense bans her. I cannot see God accepting her. She is not even physically capable of holding office. Her spinal heath is way to bad. I know why she is in the condition she is in.

  5. For Donald Trumps political slogan they should be screaming loud and clear “lock her up”!!!

  6. I agree with what the law says but the reality is that as long as there is a Democrat in the White House she will not get in any trouble at all. Here in America most people know that there is two sets of laws governing our country, one is for the super wealthy politically connected and another set for the everyday working chumps. This is just the way it is, both political parties are as crooked as they can possibly be.

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