PSA-160614-New World Order?

Obama’s transformation of the US has only been exceeded by the transformation of Europe. He has made it very clear the USA should emulate Europe. Supposedly Europe is the land of enlightenment, wisdom, civility, and peace. Actually, the only Europeans who knew what was going on were the ones who migrated to the United States during the last century.

The man in the video makes an eloquent oration on how England is dealing with Islam and the invasion of Muslims across Europe. Remember, you bought into the transformation stuff twice by voting for O. Europeans have done the same and they are paying for their actions. Muslims can walk into Europe from their sand holes, but they must cross the seas to get into the US. Except once they are on our continent they can walk into the country from Mexico.

The only way out of the European dilemma will be to drive Muslims out as they did several times before in past centuries. The difference today is people don’t have the will to rise up and make such an effort happen. People of today want Big Government to do it all. Well, the Big Governments are all bowing before Islam and letting the Muslims walk in over their prostate bodies in the name of New World Order. The NWO would happen naturally if allowed to do so by evolution. Instead world leaders insist on speeding up the process. The result is they are screwing with Mother Nature and now they must pay the price.

Are we in the USA just as stupid?

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  1. I used to think stupid, but now I think it is all written in our presidents hidden agenda…I attempt to listen to him, but I never make it through a minute, my skin crawls and I feel the darkness seeping out of him, he is a puppet but one who has anointed himself our soon to king?dictator? I always wonder how his girls can be so blind and so silent….do they not realize their freedom is being taken away too…
    sad world Joe….I have been working on a cross-stitch picture, it is the American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance in between the strips…I am still working on a flag for a Gunny Sgt I know from Irag….I wondered as I was stitching the word God this morning on it, if I am stitching an act of treason in the near future…
    yes…sad state we live in, if I had the money I would be up in on a mountain preparing for the fall of us if more don’t wake up….

    I hope y’all are doing well in your neck of the woods…
    Take Care…You Matter….

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