This evening my war with thistle began. I’m finished with pulling and digging the darn things out of the ground. The weed propagates via runners. Pulling on them just breaks the vertical shoot and leaves the runner below to sprout again.

The evening is incredibly warm for April, and the wind died down. There is very little vegetation showing except the dreaded thistle. It is the perfect night to spray. This time the assault emulated Sadam Hussein’s, and Bashar al-Assad’s attack on their own people, chemical weapons. Earlier in the month I met the scourge head on with a biodegradable chemical know as vinegar. Vinegar  had little to no effect on these vermin. Tonight I bumped up the game to full strength Round Up. Certainly this will put the running bastards down for good. I can only hope.

After last summer’s dreadful lack of attention to my garden I have promised myself that this is the year of the Monet Vision-abcdefg, The second name will come later after I have planted and know what the color scheme will be. One thing for sure, it will not be orange or yellow. The Monet Vision-Golden Glow will be hard to beat.

Most likely, I will be stupid enough to plant flowers that the Wabbits love. After two years of a very sparing Wabbit population, I have evidence to believe they are back. The evidence being visual sightings of as many as three Wabbits in the yard at one time. This would be the year to plant Wabbit repelling Marigolds, except they only come in yellow, and orange with some brown.

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  1. i mixed 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt, 1/2 dawn (the strong one)
    i shook the sprayer to mix it really good… in the morning as the sun comes up I sprayed it on, when the sun gets hotter it cooks anything that it touched… I am clearing an area for vegetable gardens…I outlined the place, so far its been 8 days and even after the flooding we are having the weeds haven’t come’s mostly that little clover looking groundcover,with yellow flowers that turns into burrs

    if you have your own water system be careful of roundup, and if you use it too strong and too much it will burn the topside and not go down to the roots, it prefers new growth….it may say 3-4 days to plant new…wait longer….it stays in the ground and will kill new growth on new plants ….

    Hope you grow some pretty flowers 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter.

    • gorgeous garden ! you must be a Master Gardner 🙂

      • I was an official Master Gardener through the University of Illinois Extension in Joliet back in 2001. Then my wife had her heart attack and my official evolved into unofficial, and now finally into back yard gardener. I just love colorful flowers of any kind.

    • I will try your recipe next.

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