I Feel Much Safer Now, NOT!

Version 2

A couple of days ago I pulled into the local Speedway to fill my tank, and there were Police squad cars parked all about the station. “Oh God, I hope I am not interrupting a robbery,” I thought.  I pulled up to the fill station and spotted the reason for all the cops. There, off in a corner surrounded by police was a military vehicle. A big heavy armor-plated vehicle. It had a turret hatch open in the roof, the windows looked bullet proof. The tires were huge and tough looking. There was one difference though, the truck did not sport a flag, or a USA, or an Army insignia, it is clearly marked Sheriff. What in God’s name does the county police need a military vehicle? An image of this thing driving on my lawn aiming directly for the front door flashed through my mind. Is this what will happen if I let the dandelions grow in my grass? Is this the dandelion enforcement tank coming to deal with me? Thank God my fill nozzle shut off and broke my train of thought. I got into my car and sped off as fast as I could.


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  1. Welcome to the United Socialist Slave States of America.

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