A Wonder Drug To Save the ACA


The newest revelation about Obama Care astounds me. A very well paid Economist from M.I.T. responsible for designing Obama Care revealed that the law would never have passed had it been openly discussed and debated before it went to the Senate. Nancy Pelosi reinforced how important secrecy was when she announced “you have to pass the Bill to find out what is in it.” Jonathan Gruber the man who bragged that the stupidity of American voters would keep them from understanding the law has stirred me up. I wonder just who he included in his “stupid” comment? He specifically refers to voters. He is right because the voters elected Obama twice, but the voters did not pass the Affordable Care Act, the Democrats in the Senate did. I agree with him 100% that Democrat Senators are stupid, in fact they are beyond stupid.

My personal experience told me that this law is evil. A good law does not need twelve hundred pages with references to hundreds, maybe thousands of connecting laws within it. Such a law hides evil. My experience also told me that Tea Party people saw right through the law and the shenanigans the Senate pulled to get enough votes to pass it. So who is Mr. Gruber referring to when he refers to “the stupidity of the American voter or whatever?” Does he mean those of us who cast a ballot at election time, or does he mean the US Senate, or what? I recommend Mr. Gruber retake his Civics courses from High School to learn how the system works. For someone who teaches at M.I.T. I think he is lacking morals, ethics, and scruples. His regard for fellow citizens puts him in a class of one who believes he is a “cut” above the rest of us, just like POTUS and all Progressives who believe they know what is good for us better than we know it.

As an Economist he must have known the ramifications of the cost involved is this care system. We who are too stupid to understand the system knew from the onset that the cost of the law will bankrupt the country. Yet he stressed the savings that the law predicted. What he failed to mention is that the savings would come only by prescribing the wonder drug acetylsalicylic acid to cure every disease in the world including Ebola.

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  1. Joe, I have come to realize that Economics isn’t an independent field of work or thought. It is really a specialized strain of politics. Economic theories and philosophies don’t exist in some objective landscape that’s removed from politics. Every (or nearly every) economist is aligned with a larger world view that is either leftist (collectivist) or rightist (individualist).

    You and I view Paul Krugman, Timothy Geithner, John Maynard Keynes, Michael Blumenthal, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, and this narcissistic blabbermouth Jonathan Gruber as delusional & coercive elitists that think Americans are too stupid to make their own best-interest free choices in a market economy. But hardcore leftists view Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Henry Hazlitt, Friedrich Hayek, William Simon, Jack Kemp, Arthur Laffer, Ludwig von Mises, etc…..as cynical & greedy “trickle-down” schemers who are just looking out for their fellow wealthy business tycoons.

    Economists are just political science geeks who prefer statistics and calculators over shaking hands and kissing babies.

    Don’t get me wrong…I firmly believe that libertarian-based economic philosophies are the superior ones. I don’t discount Friedman, Sowell, and the others because they’re free-market advocates. I admire them for it. I just recognize that they’re as politically oriented towards the right as Gruber is towards the left.

    – Jeff

    • Jeff; Thanks for the input. You are right on all counts. I want to believe that Economics is a science rather than a political movement. The science has been quickly adapted by the politicos to justify their means. Once a liberal always a liberal.

  2. If Mr. Gruber was so SMART, ObamaCare is a tax and all tax Bills have to originate in the HOUSE, not the SENATE. Therefore ObamaCare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, having originated in the SENATE. Mr. Gruber must be talking about politicians when he mentions stupidity.

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