What Am I missing?


It is hard not to notice the latest daily news broadcasts about the thousands of kids who have crossed into the United States from Central America. While having my coffee this morning it occurred to me that these kids are the smartest kids in the world. First, they chose to come to America to have a better life, second, they managed to get here without any help from anybody. I don’t know a single American kid who is capable of accomplishing that. I bet any kid you or I know would not even be able to point at Central America on a map.

These kids have shored my belief that our educational system is sorely lacking. The knowledge and daring required to navigate a thousand miles from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala through Mexico to find McAllen, Texas, along with the knowledge of how to feed yourself along the way, combined with how to bum rides is not something our kids learn in school. Imagine your youngster in the same situation. He comes to the conclusion that it is better to live in Central America and leaves his family and home to get there. Now imagine that as he hits the road he is simultaneously met by hundreds of his friends who are doing the same thing. I was always taught that there is safety in numbers.

It took me sixteen hours driving at seventy miles per hour to reach the Houston area of Texas. If I were to walk that same distance, it might take me fifty days. That is, if I had the energy to survive that many days on the road, sleeping in ditches, and feeding off the same ditch.

I say these kids have enough smarts to get into Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, Brown or any other Ivy League school without any further education. I’d want any one of these enterprising kids to work for me, wouldn’t you?

What am I missing?

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  1. Kids with big dreams.
    All along I thought that my country’s national hero’s quote about our youth as the hope of the nation has died, but these kids proved me wrong. Thank you Mr. Joe for making me realized that these kids exist. They’re treasures.

    • *realize 🙂

  2. Survival is smoething not taught in our government controlled schools.

    • Thank God they don’t our kids would all be waiting on FEMA and HLS to help them out of jams. This way we can help them decide for themselves how to cope with problems.

  3. “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger”, they say. Life’s lessons cannot be taught in Harvard.

    • These kids have something to teach Harvard.

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