Again, What Is So Damn Hard?


The Progression of the Progressive Veterans Administration Health System


The search begins. Today, after Eric Shinseki resigned as head of the Veterans Administration, Obama is in search of a new man to handle the VA. Looking at type of people Obama has appointed his replacement will most likely be an obscure liberal dingbat who will make a concerted effort to wreck the Second Amendment under the umbrella of getting guns out of our hands will yield better health for Veterans. What I would do is the following: I’d seek out the number one hospital system in the country and ask the CEO to take over the VA and straighten out the system. Certainly, a person who has real hands on practical experience in dealing with many hospitals committed to giving quality care without the need for a waiting list to get on a waiting list should have the administrative ability to assess and reorganize the VA system but, that is an engineer’s solution to the problem.

I did a five second search on Google and learned that the current number one hospital system is Community Health Systems. They have the record for having the most hospitals within their domain. What I found is press release on the credentials of the Community Health System CEO Wayne T. Smith.


Wayne T. Smith
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive OfficerWayne Smith serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Community Health Systems, Inc. He is one of the most tenured executives in the hospital industry and has lead the Company’s growth from a small rural hospital organization to become the largest operator of hospitals in the nation, as measured by number of facilities. Smith has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine for the past twelve years and a Top CEO for the healthcare facilities sector by Institutional Investor several times in the past decade.


If this man cannot straighten out the VA within 12 months then I propose that the entire VA be disbanded and replaced with a system of Veteran ID cards (Like a SSN card or Medicare Card). I’d issue a card to every honorably discharged Vet. With this card the vet could go to any healthcare provider and get treated. The bill goes to the government for payment.

Unfortunately, I believe that Obama will not approach this matter with a real working solution as the goal. Instead, he will appoint someone and give him a goal to use the VA as a vehicle for turning the country into a single party system.

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  1. perfect choice to replace,
    But…..that will needless to say hinder the opportunity to get the job
    done right,,,,maybe the airhead that ran GM that said Congress could change the Law of Relativity so GM could produce all the green/eco friendly features…then they can give it back so someone else can take the blame for what they did or had acknowledge of? hmmm wonder no one brings that up….
    and NOW they get a resignation???
    we have a really screwed set of ethics up there in that White House….
    good post Grumpa Joe
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Grumpa Joe, You are using common sense, of which there is NONE in government.

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