Ethanol mushrooms

This factual analysis of how ethanol is used to dupe us into believing we are doing something good for the environment is a wake up call from heaven.

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Ethanol is a touchy subject that not many of
us discuss. Those running the show will allow
no debate. It is what it is and don’t mention

The bull is out there and it’s getting
shipped by the tons. Some are buying it
and some are not, but what we get from
the politicians and the media is all
bull and no facts.
So here are a few facts.

What the ethanol fanatics don’t tell you is
that ethanol can have up to 33% less energy
than gasoline. You may say so what?

Engines not burning fuel at peak efficiency
have more exhaust emissions than those that
do. They pollute more and use more gas.

Two studies published in 2008 claimed
that biofuels like ethanol had no positive
effect on global warming, but are actually
bad for the environment.

One study was done by Princeton University,
Woods Hole Research…

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