A New Religion


Duck Dynasty is my favorite program. I like it because the characters are real and don’t care what I think when they say something or do something. If they believe something is true or good, they say it or practice it.

The controversy over Phil Robertson’s comment regarding homosexuality shows me that A&E is a new religion practicing in America.  I looked up the definition of religion and found there are several. One of them is this,  a “pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance: consumerism is the new religion.” The Arts and Entertainment network is pushing their religion on those of us who watch their programs. Without realizing it, they are apostles for gayism, political correctness, and diversity.  They claim to have corporate values which they pretend to live up to, but what they are doing is no different from the Jehovah’s Witness who knocks on your door and tries to convince you that what they believe is the one true way to achieve redemption.

The writing on the wall became clear about a week ago when they chastised Phil Robertson for using the word Jesus in his prayers. A&E claimed Jesus is offensive to Muslims. Well no shit big boys, but why would you care? Why would any true Muslim watch a program based on Christian values? Most likely, if they do watch it is to learn new ways to kill Christians and Jews. So A&E is for Muslims but they are against Christians. How is this showing diversity?

It is okay to watch programs based on gays but not programs based on Christian values and heterosexuality. By choosing gays over heterosexuality A&E openly espouses their religion and pushes it on us.

My guess is that the big guys at A&E are all Muslim gays. I am in total agreement with Phil Robertson’s statement that he cannot see why any man would prefer an anus to a vagina. I guess you must be gay to understand that. So A&E is decidedly pro-gay and anti Christian which is another mockery of their diversity policy. If A&E were truly interested in diversity they would abandon their crappy Progressive policy and embrace the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. Instead they have walked all over the First Amendment which assures us the right of free speech and religion. They have denied Robertson of both.

A&E lost me as a viewer and that is sad, because I will now have to  give up watching Duck Dynasty, at least until they move to a network worthy of their popularity.

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  1. I just knew you were going to say the name was “politically correct”
    sorry, couldn’t resist….
    I don’t watch TV so I am not sure what anyone says…but if the guy that said those horrid things about Sarah Palin can “resign” then I remember why I quit watching…actually I quit watching because it seemed to be too many mindless shows….but thats a different story…
    How sad that the left hand can say , believe or act any way they want and its called freedom speech, and the right hand says anything it is politically incorrect and offencesive…( how ever the hell thats spelled(long day). sad state of affairs America is in…
    but then someone told us he was going to do what all he is doing, wonder why only the politically incorrect can hear him….
    personally I find alot of things offensive, but I click the off button or delete button..I think its called freedom of choice unless they have changed that definition too…
    Good post Grumpa Joe….
    Take Care….You Matter…

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