Is our president ailing?

A brilliant essay explaining why “O’ is the way he is.

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  1. last night on fb a friend put up a picture of a Mona Yvette Nelson
    ..she was in court because she was charged with kidnapping 12yr old Jonathon Foster on Christmas Eve and burning him to death with a blow torch….no media, no racial hate ignored…
    but of course we are STILL hearing about Treyvon !…
    it is a tragedy he is dead, but why was there no mention of the 12+ murders of black kids killed in Chicago the same night? why does no one ask why he was with his dad since being explelled from school…and why the hell do they not show his last photo with his gangbanger tattoos instead of the little 12 yrold boy the media keeps showing..what a screwed up world Grumpa Jo…
    AND where is the media about the death of Jonathon Foster?
    sorry…this is why I do not watch seems it will never change

    • This is all a part of Obama’s goal to transform America, into a racially divided hateful country.

      • which he is succeeding…

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