Pump More Lead

US troops marching on Monterrey during the Mex...

US troops marching on Monterrey during the Mexican-American War. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that Obama, the community organizer, has expanded his territory. Now, he has delusions of grandeur by blitzing Central America. He failed to organize Europe, so he concentrates on lessor nations. If Obama is so darned upset about the way we treat Mexicans jumping the border into the USA, why is he blaming Mexican hate on his own country? The country that screwed the Mexicans and began a new race of Euro-Mayans called Mexicans are to blame. The Spaniards are the ones who stomped on the Indians and beat them into submission very much like the Muslims did to Europe several times.

Three years ago, I drew a cartoon depicting Obama’s solution to the Mexican-border problem. I must admit, however, that I was way off in my prediction of how far he would move the border to avoid building a fence. He really wants to give back every inch we won from the Mexicali’s during the Mexican-American war between 1846-47. The war began under Democrat President James K. Polk. The US beat the Mexicans soundly. Our army pushed deep into several Mexican states, and even took Mexico City. When it was over, the US generously gave the Mexicans their land south of  the Rio Grande. We paid them $15 million cash for California, and New Mexico, then forgave their $3.25 million debt to the USA (That sounds like a bailout to me.) The Mexicans conceded Texas to the USA which they previously lost to Texans in 1836. Now, the Mexicans cry foul and want their territory back. I have news for them, they are not going to get it. Even the Mexicans who have lived here legally for generations will not give it back.

So where does Obama get off telling me that I am the reason for all of Mexico’s problems? If Obama feels Mexicans need some redistribution, he should become president of Mexico and work on the Mexican one-percent.

The problem with Obama is that he has no sense of history, probably because a Progressive school (Punahou) taught him.

If I were to re-draw the cartoon to the way Obama wants the border, it will extend from a point north of Los Angeles all the way to Louisiana. Since California is already socialist and in his pocket, with New Mexico close to becoming socialist, he only needs Arizona and Texas. He is suing Arizona, but will stay away from Texas because he knows the Texans will pump more lead into his assministration than the Department of Homeland Security has in stock.


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