Dr. Ben Lectures the President, (Revised)

I listened to this speech for awhile before I realized I have read this guy’s life story. About twenty years ago I was reading biographies of great men. Dr. Ben Carson is a great man. He overcame great adversity being raised by a single mom. Except she believed in staying off welfare and wouldn’t let her kids stray. Her education was limited to third grade, but she made her boys read, she checked their homework, she didn’t accept anything less than their best.
Dr. Carson is a brain surgeon. He has pioneered new surgical tehcniques and has performed some amazing stuff in the operating room. He also had the guts to stand up to “O” and let him know how to make health care better in a very real and practical way. Watch this video, you will not be sorry.

I’m sorry but this video mysteriously disappeared from my post. I have reloaded it for you viewing pleasure.

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