“O” is Truly Mortal

A friend sent this to me. It brings a little levity to this discussion. It also proves that “O” is truly mortal and can screw up like the rest of us. This small business owner obviously didn’t work with “O” to make his business a success.

Obama Campaign Office. This is the direction of his presidency.

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  1. When did Americans loose their ability to think and reason? They are being spoonfed by the mainstream media, who are being told by the government what they can and cannot print or say. The propaganda in America far surpasses that of Russia during the cold war. If ” We the People ” don’t wake up, the REPUBLIC will not survive. LOCK AND LOAD,

    • Done!

  2. I made the mistake of walking by the TV as the news was on…
    there is a reason I don’t watch TV….it gives me a headache to listen to the spinning and lies…
    O’s latest spin is amazing and I heard this young seemingly intelligent woman try to spin how she was grateful to our government because of the good roads she made it to work on..

    no business is beholden to the government for good roads…
    those roads got built BECAUSE of the small/big businesses paid taxes, and taxes came from their employees and customers paid taxes to build those “good roads”

    I wonder when America will wake up and REMEMBER the Government is a SERVANT of the People not the People a Servant of the new Elite Government when did that change….oh thats some more of the change politicians spin!….
    they would NOT be there if our taxes didnot pay their salaries….!
    I couldn’t care less how politicians spend their personal money, I want to see where the government SPENDS ours…

    now..I will go for a walk…watching politicians and their spin doctors always make me feel like I stepped in a pile of bullshit without my boots on

    • Great Comment, thank you.

    • You are dead right. Thanks for the great comment.

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