Dear Senator Durban

Prestwick Area Garden Club Budget

Dear Senator Durbin:

Please take note of the above graphic. It is a budget. It is by a group of women who never worked a day in their lives (stay at home mom’s).  I feel you need to see this because it has been so long since you and your fellow Senators have looked at a budget, and worse yet since you approved one.  It is not a hard thing to do, one must look at income, and limit spending to equal the income. It really is that simple. Now, let me see you try that. Is it so hard for you and your elitist fellows to get simple concepts into your cranium’s overly crammed with political rhetoric?

Your loyal over taxed Illinois citizen,

Grumpa Joe

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  1. Grumpa, I’m not certain that I would refer to any stay at home mom as never having worked a day in thier life. Good point, though. Let me know if you hear anything positive from the good Senator. He’s never agreed with me yet on anything I ever corresponded with him about.

  2. Grumpa, a BUDGET is something the politicians will never consider. How can they BUY VOTES from the non Tax Payers?

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